HiveBoard web site open!

We are proud to officially announce the opening of the ''HiveBoard'' project on SourceForge.

At this occasion, the HiveBoard web site opens.

The HiveBoard project aims to build a distributed shared whiteboard system, particularly useful for meetings between remote teams (eg: in offshore development). It is 100% built in Java, based on a client/server architecture, and has the following highlights:
- Server running on any Servlet 2.3 Container (jakarta Tomcat supported)
- Rich graphical client application, easy to setup and use, running on any Java-supported OS
- Communication transport based on http or https (ensures usability through firewalls)
- Optimized communication to allow for near-realtime screen refresh even on lower bandwidth networks
- Secure access to authorized persons only
- Archive of past whiteboards sessions

Technical highlights:
- Server is Servlet 2.3 compliant and is based upon the following techniques:
- ''Inversion of Control'' (HiveMind container)
- iBATIS SqlMaps for ''low-level'' database access
- Caucho Hessian protocol for remote communications over http
- HiveTranse for high-level transaction management and HiveMind-iBATIS integration
- HiveLock security framework for HiveMind
- HiveRemoting for Hessian-HiveMind integration
- Client uses the following techniques/libraries:
- Swing for all graphical aspects
- HiveMind & HiveRemoting for remote access to the server

The HiveBoard web site currently focuses on development aspects (roadmap, architecture) but will later include end-user documentation (quick start guide, FAQ...)

It will be updated as the project progresses.

HiveBoard web site:

The HiveBoard team

Posted by Jean-Francois Poilpret 2005-01-02

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