FAIL - Invalid context path was specified

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    No matter what I try, trying to follow your instructions to the letter and I get the above error.
    Am using tomcat 6.016 on a Windows 2003 box.

    trying file:C:\hb-server-bin\etc\tomcat-context.xml in the deployment manager gives me the same error.. and it is located in that place on the server.

    have run out of ideas.
    Have tried moving it, tried deploying from inside the root to go with file:/hb-server-bin/etc/tomcat-context.xml

    Help please would really like to see this in action.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello Tal,

      sorry for my very late answer, it seems Sourceforge does not forward these messages to my mailbox anymore...
      First of all, thank you for willing to give a try to HiveBoard.

      Regarding the problem you get, I think it would help if you provided me with further information:
      - server log files (both tomcat log and hiveboard log)
      - the exact content of your tomcat-context.xml
      - the exact directory structure where you installed hiveboard on your server

      Oh and one important point (try it before sending me more info): make sure you use the tomcat admin page on the server itself (if you use "file:..." then the file must be on the server and on the machine you run the browser on. So make sure you use the browser from the server itself, not from any other workstation. If this is what you've done, then send me the additional information I have listed above.




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