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Hide & RevealUser's Guide

Have you ever wanted to know how Hide & Reveal works? This steganographic software now publishes a dedicated user's guide (current version is 1.0.1). Get further details at http://www.hidereveal.org

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-06-03

Hide & Reveal 1.4.0 with latest version automatic download

The steganography software "Hide & Reveal" now integrates the ability to perform automatic download of latest version upon request. This simplified process make sure you always own the latest version (if you wish to!). Its internal steganography library (available at http://www.hidereveal.org\) new version 1.4.0 allows Java developers to integrate adaptative image access schemes rather than static (deterministic) schemes.

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-29

Use steganography with Hide & Reveal 1.3.2 stable

Steganography is the science of hiding secret information within inocuous cover files (carriers).
Check out this new minor release of the famous "Hide & Reveal" software (distributed under the GNU GPL) which improves on-line version verification and integrates a novel modulation scheme!
For more information and direct links, please go to www.hidereveal.org.
Do not forget to vote for this project if you like it!

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-27

Hide & Reveal 1.2.6 released

This version corrects a bug which prevented from using manual dissimulation schemes during the dissimulation process (step 2). The software was working correctly in automatic mode though.
Try it and enjoy!

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-19

Hide & Reveal enters in stable phase

The ultimate steganographic tool and library designed for research communities in security officially enters in stable phase. It natively supports BMP, PNG and TIF carriers to embed secret files. Other carrier types (JPEG, HTML, etc) to come soon...

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-18

Hide & Reveal v1.2.0 now includes an automatic mode

As it may be difficult to select the best hiding scheme depending on carrier and secret information sizes (among other constraints), this new version of Hide & Reveal allows to indicate that the hiding scheme is unknown at first. The software then selects a suitable dissimulation among all available dissimulation schemes for that particular carrier type. the combo box which lists all dissimulation schemes is updates to reflect which scheme was automatically selected.

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-10

New image formats support

Hide & Reveal and its internal org.steganography support more uncompressed image formats:
- org.steganography 1.2.0 now integrates JAI 1.1.3
- Hide & Reveal 1.1.1 integrates org.steganography 1.2.0 and fixes unavailable password-based hiding schemes (due to internationalization error...)

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-08

Hide & Reveal goes further

This new version includes the ability to join a secret textual information along with the file to hide.
The hiding process automatically creates a compressed archive of the secret information before hiding within the selected carrier.

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-06

Hide & Reveal v1.0.4 released

Fixes major bug (unable to open carrier images)

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-04

Hide & reveal v1.0.3 released

The steganography software Hide & Reveal now incorporates dynamic algorithms loading by means of an XML configuration file.
This file is automatically checked against an XMLSchema.

Posted by Nathanaël COTTIN 2009-05-04

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