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New Release

v1.4.4 has been released containing almost a year's worth of bug fixes and features. Please look at sample.xml for all the configuration features.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2010-07-27

New Release!

02-Aug-2009 release notes

* Added customPluralization config to allow custom rules for pluralization
* Ignore config setting: added everything-except options
* Added ability to mark certain fields as being unique for data pool factory
* Added default-cascade options
* Added ability to append suffixes to the generated model objects eg CustomerMO instead of Customer
* Setting <enableJodaSupport> to true and <enableHibernateValidator> to true triggered a crash. Fixed.
* Leaving <disableSubtypeEnumGeneration> set to true gave ClassNotFoundExceptions during compilation. Fixed.
* Other assorted bug fixes.... read more

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2009-08-03

New release

Fixes some bugs + adds joda time support + immutable classes support

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2009-05-25

Version 1.0 released

New stuff: Mavenized, Equals, subclass, composite keys & other bug fixes, Enums can now support additional columns, NarrowProxy changes, OSGi meta inf added, ehcache outside of target pom, hibernate bug workaround for typedef in composite PK, random-generator fixes, Support for lazy connections in spring, multiple interfaces possible + onetoone bugfix, reverse lookups for enums, new component scan allow more fine tuning of treatLinkAsEnum, assembly plugin for maven, inverse renaming supported, Cascade all --> cascade persist / merge

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2009-04-23

Hibernate Pojo Generator: v0.9.5 released

Hibernate Pojo Generator generates all the Java code necessary to access a database via Hibernate Annotations (+ Spring) including JUnit tests (1 per table) that are able to run immediately without further customizations.

New release: adds maven support, db version checking and more.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-11-06

v0.9.4.3 released.

Adds 2 new config options + plenty of bug fixes.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-07-18

v0.9.4.2 released

v0.9.4.2 adds the following features: disabling of back links, suppressing schema output, custom class imports.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-05-21

v0.9.4 Released!

Adds interface generation for model objects, spring cleanups, abstract tables, cyclic dependencies and more.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-05-01

v0.9.3 released

Lots of spring changes (config is now much shorter) + usual bug fixes. See news/releases section for more info.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-03-20

v0.9 released!

Numerous features/bug fixes. Please see news section in main website (http://hibernatepojoge.sourceforge.net/) for more information

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-02-15

v0.8.4 released. Adds one-to-one support

This release adds support for one-to-one mappings and better support for MS-SQL.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-01-23

v0.8.3 released. Bug fix release

This version fixes a null pointer exception and another bug related to the "remove underscores" option. Enjoy!

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-01-15

Version 0.8.2 released

This version fixes a minor issue in parsing the config file for test case overriding (schemas where being ignored).

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-01-10

New Release

Minor bug fix related to unit test creation. This was a missing corner case and should not affect you if your tables all have auto-incs.

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2008-01-04


Stay tuned - binaries and source are on their way!

Posted by Wallace Wadge 2007-12-17

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