I'm back!

It seems like every other year or so that I have a reason to revisit this project. It has always been my plan to do continue C++ work in conjunction with developing .Net C# for a living. Until now, those two goals have proven to be mutually exclusive, until now. With my discovery of GPU’s, programming in parallel, CUDA and NVIDIA. Suddenly, what was old is new again; maybe even a C++ renaissance! (http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/C-and-Beyond-2011-Herb-Sutter-Why-C)

When I revisited this project, I was horrified at the amount of spelling errors and formatting inconsistencies – I am embarrassed by them and apologize for their amateurish esthetics. I made a recent attempt to fix these issues; however, after some effort, I discovered something even more hideous – some of the idioms are incorrect or poorly implemented. In my defense, the ‘silver’ version is/was a work-in-progress effort – sadly, I abandoned its progress.

As I move forward, I wanted to share my strategy and thoughts. I am going to leave the ‘silver’ version the way it is and concentrate on the ‘gold’ version. I still intend to implement more ‘modern’ C++ idioms; however, other more significant changes will occur; consolidation of classes, patterns and examples. In other words, the ‘gold’ version will look a lot different than the ‘silver’ version; a prerequisite to the next ‘platinum’ version where I will introduce parallel-programming and enterprise integration patterns.

As I move forward, I plan to be more agile-like and release content frequently (or as frequently as life permits). In this regard, I hope that some of you will provide feedback and we’ll establish a better foundation. Speaking of which, I plan to adopt the POCO C++ library as well. This is a very nice C++ library (http://pocoproject.org) that provides a framework and allows this project to focus on design patterns and C++ idioms.

Thanks to all of you that have provided encouraging words and I look forward to hearing from you again as we, once again, move forward.


Posted by gpuchtel 2011-09-28

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