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  • gpuchtel

    gpuchtel - 2006-01-12

    I am currently working on examples for the 'leftover' patterns. I have completed 'Bridge', 'Builder' is next (as I will probably do them in order). Once completed, I will go back and pick up 'Proxy' and 'MVC'. 'MVC' will likely be a 'WTL' implementation and I have to weight the options for 'Proxy'

    • gpuchtel

      gpuchtel - 2006-02-02

      I released a 'Chain of Responsibility' pattern example in the 'Silver' version on February 1st.

      I am currently working on the 'Flyweight' pattern. I decided to deviate from the scenario given in the book; mine manages weights & tag numbers for a LARGE flock of mixed birds, called 'Fowlweight'.

    • gpuchtel

      gpuchtel - 2006-02-05

      I just released and example of the 'Flyweight' pattern (in the Silver release, version 1.3).

      I deviated from the example in the book because I wanted to 'sort' ducks as illustrated in the 'Template Method' pattern. Since that illustration sorted by 'weight' I thought naming the example 'Fowlweight' combined both the pattern and its intent. Since I deviated, I also felt obligated to write a narrative in the same tone used the book. Here is my humble attempt (I apologize to the authors in advance):

      "The number of birds migrating to Objective has overwhelmed the Quackologists who are complaining that it is hard to keep up because the journaling program you wrote is getting sluggish. Quackologists capture birds, categorize them, weight them, tag them, and finally, record them with your program; however, as the size of the flock grows your program begins to crawl. After hours of drinking coffee at Starbuzz reviewing your design, you realize that some traits are common to each type of bird; its type, the sound it makes and how it swims. If only you could isolate the common (intrinsic) traits from the unique (extrinsic) traits, its weight and tag number. Your redesign implements the ‘Flyweight’ pattern, by creating a single instance for each type of bird eliminates previously duplicated information; each bird only requires a reference back to its type (and its intrinsic data)."

      Next pattern: Interpreter

    • ztluck@nju

      ztluck@nju - 2006-02-26

      Thank U for so pretty good job. I enjoy your program very much.

      (an appreciation from China, ztluck)

    • gpuchtel

      gpuchtel - 2006-02-26

      ztluck, thank you for the kind words. I was hoping to have the "Interpreter" pattern example done by now; however, work is getting in the way... ;-)


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