'Gold' Package Status

  • markl-3

    markl-3 - 2006-12-15

    Any word on when we can expect to see the 'Gold version?

    • gpuchtel

      gpuchtel - 2006-12-17

      Markl-3, thanks for your inquiry; the forum has been so quite I was beginning to think nobody was interested in the ‘Gold’ package or even updates to the ‘Silver’ version for that matter. I do notice the packages are downloaded on a regular basis; however, without feedback I have no clue if people are just curious or the packages are actually beneficial.

      For the most part, this project is a personal goal to learn more about design patterns, enhance my C++ skills and share the experience. To this extent, I have been continuing at my own pace, which has encountered some distractions: such as a new job, a new language (C#, which I now get paid to use) and seemingly less time.

      All this is a long answer to your short question. Regretfully, other than some preliminary research and thoughts, I have not started the ‘Gold’ version… yet. It was my plan to finish the ‘Silver’ version first. The ‘Silver’ version is still missing some of the ‘Left Over Patterns’ and I wanted to back track and pick up the ‘Proxy’ and ‘MVC’ patterns as well.

      Currently, I have the ‘Mediator’ pattern 90% complete. Actually, it has been 90% complete for several months now. Anyway, I allowed myself to procrastinate until I received some feedback – like your post. As a result, I will try to steal some time and finish what I started. As mentioned, my plan is to first finish the ‘Silver’ version, then move on to the gold version. If there is a pattern in particular you are interested in, I could focus on that one first… ;-)

      Anyway, thanks for your interest, I hope it has helped in some way.


    • Jose Abelardo Gutierrez

      If there is not problem to you Glenn, I want to work in the gold version.  That will be part of my MCS Thesis, that of course with a very solid investigation about the alternative implementation and such.  Also I had worked out a linux port of the Bronze and Silver package I can send in.


      • gpuchtel

        gpuchtel - 2006-12-17

        Jose, I welcome the additional help and providing a Linux version of the examples was a long rang goal of mine; however, through your efforts, it would be possible to provide this sooner rather than later. For clarification, I am interpreting your post as intent to participate in the advancement of this project. If that is correct, either send me a private message or reply to this post and I will gladly add you as a developer. It looks like I’m going to have to start thinking about the ‘Gold’ version again… ;-)


    • RxScram

      RxScram - 2007-11-16

      Hey Glen,

      I was wondering if you are still working on this project at all.  If so, I would like to assist in any way I can...  this seems like a good project to add to my resume, not to mention gaining some valuable experience.


    • gpuchtel

      gpuchtel - 2007-11-16

      I wouldn’t call it working exactly, more like thinking. I have started (and stopped) work on the ‘Gold’ version several times for different reasons – mostly, it is just finding the time. Moreover, I have changed jobs (twice) since I first created the project. Part of the delay is because I can’t make up my mind on whether to complete the ‘Silver’ version or jump to the ‘Gold’. Both have merit, neither has progressed (much).

      Furthermore, I’m somewhat undecided if the ‘Gold’ version should resemble the existing examples, or address the idiosyncrasies of some patters, like the ‘Observer’ pattern for example. My current line of thought is to mirror the existing examples as close as possible. In this way, I feel the user will graduate more easily from Bronze to Silver to Gold. It took a while before I came to that conclusion; in fact, I came to it as I was writing this response. Later, maybe if there is time, I can produce a ‘Platinum’ version that is a ‘state-of-the-art’ implementation of patterns irrespective of the original examples.

      Anyway, I admit that I am guilty of neglect and I desperately want to see it come to its intended conclusion. With that in mind, what kind of help are you suggesting, willing and/or offering?



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