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HexEdit v2.20 Released

Contact: Lane Roathe (214) 618-5496

Ideas From the Deep announces the release of HexEdit v2.20. This version constitutes the first official Universal Binary release, as well as addressing the major issue of .dmg and other files being associated with HexEdit.

HexEdit, an Open Source project, is available from Ideas From the Deep at:


The source for HexEdit is hosted on SourceForge:


The full change log for the v2.20 release follows:

Universal Binary build! (thanks to the XCode 2.4 project and a few byte swaps required submitted by Svitkine)
Removed cvs header items (just made merges harder and we're on svn now anyway)
Hopefully updated svn repository with good resource files (thanks to sieghard)
New files are once again saved with the correct default HexEdit file type of BINA (existing files creator/type are not changed!)
Converted resource files into data-fork resource files and text .r sources
Converted codewarrior project to use .r files for resources instead of .rsrc files (couldn't use datafork resources!)
Saved copy/paste commands for re-creating .r resource files (took a full day to figure out! And stupid things like 'TEXT' are unknown!)
Put in Ben's new bundle plist that should (hopefully) fix the OS X "everthing, esp. .dmg files, opens with HexEdit) issues!
Checked in a 68K application in MacBinary and .zip format as the actual app looses it's resource fork in svn
Made sure XCode 2.0 and 2.4 and CW 8 projects compile, link and application built runs
Added new icons (thanks to Ben Boldt)
Improved compare w/highlighting changes (thanks to George Warner)
Fixed print offsets (thanks to Ritchie)
Reports of paste not working in find dialog; unable to repo so hopefully fixed
Fixed File menu resource in classic (missing item broke file compare, quit, etc)
Fix FAT linking order (Carbon must come first, so 68K resources don't overwrite)
HexEdit is now distributed two separate archives for a cleaner end user experience:
1. Application & Documentation: a .dmg image for easy drag and drop install
2. Source code & related build files in a .zip archive for cross platform use
The version control repository on sourceforge was migrated from cvs to svn
The new svn archive now includes the distribution folder as well as the source folder
(one of the many advantages of switching to svn)

Founded in 1989 by John Romero and Lane Roathe, Ideas From the Deep develops and publishes software for a variety of platforms and genres, providing a range of development services including design, programming and artwork. IFD also supports open source with work on projects like HexEdit and OpenPlay.

Lane Roathe, Ideas From the Deep, P.O.Box 705 Little Elm, TX 75068, (214)
618-5496, lane@ifd.com, http://www.ifd.com

� 2004 Ideas From the Deep

Lane Roathe
President Ideas From the Deep <http://www.ifd.com>

Posted by Lane Roathe 2008-01-28

HexEdit v2.00 Released

The latest version of HexEdit has been released, the main new feature being the addition of the ability to disassemble PowerPC code. The full change log follows:

Added PPC Disassembler
Cleaned up misc. compile warnings
Converted XCode project to latest XCode
Fixed IFD about box link
Forward searches start at end of current selection

Posted by Lane Roathe 2005-08-29

HexEdit 1.92 released

Contact: Lane Roathe (214) 618-5496

Ideas From the Deep announces the release of HexEdit v1.92. This version fixes all bugs reported to date, including a crash in the find dialog, and the replace feature not pasting hex and adds a couple new features.

HexEdit, an Open Source project, is available from Ideas From the Deep at:


The source for HexEdit is hosted on SourceForge:


The full change log for the v1.92 release follows:

Fixed replace text, is no longer converted to upper case
(basically, my 1.90 fix broke this; it worked ... what was I thinking?)
Fixed replace not pasting hex values in (also broke by 1.90 "fix" ... ouch!)
Fixed crash in find dialog with key presses (window check moved to top layer)
Updated Mac OS X icons (got corrupted at some point)
Added option to turn on/off Opening the File Dialog at launch
Fixed problem where resizing a window more than once could cause multiple scrollbars
(as seen in comparing files where after finishing scrolling no longer worked)
Minor cleanups to project files... read more

Posted by Lane Roathe 2005-03-26

HexEdit v1.90 released

Contact: Lane Roathe (214) 618-5496

Ideas From the Deep announces the release of HexEdit v1.90, the first full release in almost a year! This version fixes all bugs reported to date, adds a new xcode project plus mach-o target (HexEdit.app), and features the much requested "Replace and Find Again" feature.

HexEdit, an Open Source project, is available from Ideas From the Deep at:... read more

Posted by Lane Roathe 2004-09-10

HexEdit v1.89 Released

This release is just to fix some silly, but very annoying, bugs with the find commands:

09/30/03 1.89
fix date in history log
fix find bug (was not able to find after first occurance)
fix replace bug (was finding next occurance before find)

Posted by Lane Roathe 2003-10-11

HexEdit turns 10

Yes, it's true...HexEdit is 10 years old! Jim Bumgardner first released HexEdit v1.0 on July 23, 1993 and the Mac OS community has been grateful for his wonderful file editor ever since. So, happy (somewhat belated) birthday to HexEdit on it's 10th anniversary!

HexEdit started out being a very compact editor capable of editing very large files on machines with one or two megabytes of RAM. Today HexEdit is still quite small (the code is only 188K compiled!) and able to edit even larger files very quickly. It's been translated into French, German and Japanese as well as from 68000 to PowerPC and now from Classic Mac OS to Mac OS X. Compatability has alwasy been stressed, and it still runs on a 68K machine (if you can find one) although future development is focused on Mac OS X.... read more

Posted by Lane Roathe 2003-08-17

HexEdit v1.88 released!

HexEdit v1.88 enhances and speeds up find/replace, fixes some bugs, and adds the ability to select which resource to edit via AppleScript. Release notes follow:

10/14/03 1.88
Massive speed increase for Replace All (no user interface updates until finished!)
Replace now shows what was replaced (ie, the replacement bytes) in the destination window
Finding a string in a window no longer brings that window forward (ie, leaves find window on top)
Fixed printing rectangle (Ron Langley)
Fixed highlighting of differences in file compare (probably fixed in v1.86/1.87)... read more

Posted by Lane Roathe 2003-08-17

HexEdit 1.85 Released

Fixes a few bugs on older systems, adds better color schemes, and improves opening/searching/comparing of large files by over 100x (reall!).

Posted by Lane Roathe 2002-11-02

HexEdit v1.80 released!

HexEdit v1.80 has been released. This version has significant improvements in memory usage, user interface improvementws, and numerous small bug fixes. Color windows are now very usable in this version, and as such are always on now.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2002-05-12

v1.75 Released!

The 1.75 release of HexEdit has been posted in the file section. This version add find/replace and many user experience enhancements and bug fixes.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-12-17

V1.75b1 is checked in!

CVS has the first beta of v1.75, which fixes the few remaining crash bugs, disallows opeinging files twice, and displays an alert if opening an empty fork.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-09-28

HexEdit v1.74 Released!

The latest version of HexEdit, v1.74, has been released on SourceForge! This version fixes some severe errors in v1.7 and 1.72 and should thus be considered a MUST HAVE update! Update information and binary releases are available in the files section of the SourceForge repository.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-08-16

HexEdit v1.72 Released!

The latest version of HexEdit, v1.72, has been released on SourceForge! This version fixes some crash bugs, has been tested to work on older versions of MacOS and 68K machines and many user interface glitches were fixed.

Plus, the home page was updated to be at least a little relavent :)


Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-06-07

v1.7 Finalized!

Be sure to get this release, as it fixes many bugs, and adds features. In addition, printing now works nicely, even uner Carbon. Finally, this version has been tested and works under MacOS X 10.0.1!

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-04-28

v1.7fc1 in CVS

I checked in the v1.7fc1 sources this morning. The only known bug that will be fixed for v1.7 release (unless I hear otherwise) is the AE Quit being ignored in the Carbon build. I might do some cleanup on the printing if I have time. The rest of the bugs are more minor, and v1.7 is a needed release, so they can wait :)

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-04-17

Carbon Printing Available in CVS!

The CVS checkin has the inital pass for v1.7, which includes Carbon printing! I've tested this and it works on my system, as well as the original author's.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-02-14

HexEdit v1.66 released!

The final for v1.66 has been released. This version fixes all crash bugs, and potential crash bugs, that were known at this time. The source code recieved major overhauls in the headers, but effected few things in the runtime. A few minor enhancements were added, see the version history or download changelog for details.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-02-14

v1.66b6 posted

The first public beta of v1.66 has been released, fixing known crash bugs and reflecting the CVS checkin.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-02-02

CVS Available!

The first CVS release is available! (finally :)

Checkout the "hexedit" module to grab everything.

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-02-02

Creation underway

The SourceForge HexEdit area is being created, and as soon as we figure out CVS from a Mac we'll put the sources up and start doing some modifications :)

Posted by Lane Roathe 2001-01-04