#12 display garbled - centos 4.4/the 3.1/the 3.2


I've attempted to build THE-3.1 and THE-3.2 under
Centos 4.4. The builds appear to complete succesfully
but the file contents get displayed in a scrambled
fashion when attempting to move up or down in a file
via up/down commands entered on the command line.
That is there
appear to be artifacts (previous line images) left on
the screen.
For example, if I have a file with the previous 5 lines
(window snapshot 0), and issue the "bottom" command, I
end up with a display as shown in snapshot 1. Then if
I issue the command "up 2", I end up with a display as
shown in snapshot 2. Things get worse with split
screen commands etc. Note the wonky line sequence

I've tried building with the default curses as well as
ncurses via the following configurations:

configure --with-rexx=regina --with-ncurses
configure --with-rexx=regina

Any suggestions? (I'm not a c-programmer)

p.s. please save me from having to use vi


  • deanpark1929

    deanpark1929 - 2006-10-06

    sample edit session screen shots

  • Mark Hessling

    Mark Hessling - 2006-10-13

    Logged In: YES

    This sort of problem is generally due to the interaction
    between (n)curses and the terminal emulator.
    ie the (n)curses implementation has been told that the
    terminal emulator that the program is running in is capable
    of, for example, clearing a line with a certain escape
    sequence, however, the terminal emulator is not capable of this.
    One of the main reasons for this mismatch is that the TERM
    environment variable set does not match the capabilities of
    the terminal emulator being used.
    What is the value of TERM? Run: echo $TERM
    Does the THE "redraw" command (usually assigned to C-R)
    clear the problem?

  • deanpark1929

    deanpark1929 - 2006-10-13

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    yes, that seems to be the problem. Thank you!! The redraw
    command does refresh the display correctly. TERM was set
    to "xterm". I'm using the standard GNOME terminal (2.7.3)
    shipped with CentOS and if I export TERM as gnome (or vt100)
    then things seem to behave reasonably. Presumably "gnome"
    is the correct setting?

    btw: thanks for a great editor!


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