Save as Patch action

  • David Goodenough

    Back in the days when I used XEdit under CMS, I seem to recall that there was a means of integrating with the CMS Patch system (was it called update, I am not sure) so that I could edit a file and the patches to it (applying or rejecting them selectively) and saving any changes I made as a patch.

    I was wondering if this functionality existed in THE, handling diff files (preferably unified diffs).  A real dream would be interacting with quilt, but just the ability to save as diff would be nice.

    I had a look through the documentation but could not find anything, but then I probably asked the wrong question.

    Thanks in advance,


    • LesK

      LesK - 2009-06-03

      You're remembering the UPDATE option of Xedit. It's not supported by THE. I think the pc world has more ingeneous methods, but I'm not familiar with them.


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