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  • Mark Boonie

    Mark Boonie - 2008-06-28

    I'm trying to get blue text on a white background.  When I issue the command 'set color filearea bold blue on white', it seems to be accepted.  Alternating between 'blue' and 'red' does indeed change the text color.  However, the background color remains grey.  In fact, the response to 'query color filearea' returns 'color FILEAREA bold blue on grey'.  Is this an error, or working as designed due to some quirk?  Thanks.

    - mb

    • Warren T. Van Wyck

      From a recent posting on THE list:

      Date:         Mon, 31 Mar 2008 10:23:28 +1000
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      From:         hesslinm <m.hessling@QUT.EDU.AU>
      Subject: Re: [THELIST] Background colour.
      Comments: To: "Erik P. Olsen" <>

      THE started its life on DOS. It is also built on top of curses. Curses provides a number of display attributes for text; colours, bold, underline, blink etc depending on the underlying terminal or hardware it runs on.
      Under DOS the basic display attributes are; bold/bright which displays the foreground colour brighter than normal. DOS also provided blink capability which blinked the text. Admittedly this was pretty useless for an editor except for displaying error messages.
      However as THE moved onto Windows and OS/2 (and curses on Unix), the underlying terminal display characteristics did not support text actually blinking (some VDU terminals did). Under Windows and OS/2 the way that blinking text was represented was by making the background text brighter than normal.
      So you had a bold/bright display attribute for the foreground colour and the blink display attribute made the background brighter.

      Agreed not intuitive today, but that is how it came about; not so much a design decision but rather continuing to be backwards compatible.

      As the display modifiers for the SET COLOUR command can be placed almost anywhere in the command if there is another single word to express a brighter background that is simple and elegant then I'm open for suggestions to include it as a synonym for BLINK. (I suppose BACKBOLD could be used; not elegant though

      Cheers, Mark
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      From: Erik P. Olsen []
      Sent: Saturday, 29 March 2008 8:46 AM
      To: hesslinm
      Subject: Re: [THELIST] Background colour.

      On 28/03/08 22:51, hesslinm wrote:
      > bright will only affect foreground; use "blink" to brighten background.

      Thanks anyway, but it's not really intuitive  white is grey, bright white is
      white only in foreground and blink white is white in background! What's the
      great design idea behind this?



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