Errata for THE 3.3 Documentation - Verify()

  • Richard Narron

    Richard Narron - 2007-01-07

    When looking at the regina33.pdf available at

    I found errors in the description of the Verify() function.

    It looks like the results are wrong in the first two examples:

    Where is says:

    VERIFY('foobar','barfo')      '2'
    VERIFY('foobar','barfo','M')  '2'

    It should say:

    VERIFY('foobar','barfo')      '0'
    VERIFY('foobar','barfo','M')  '1'

    • Richard Narron

      Richard Narron - 2007-01-07 least here, Mark will see the post, but let me see if I can get this message into the Regina forumn, not the THE forumn...

    • Mark Hessling

      Mark Hessling - 2007-01-07

      Thanks, The Regina documentation has been changed :-)


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