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  • James Bradley

    James Bradley - 2012-10-12

    I used to use Mansfield's Kedit on OS/2 several years ago, and haven't used it in several years and am a bit rusty. How do you move back and forth from the filearea to the command line? I have found that I can use sos commands to get to the file area, but how do you get back to the command area?

    In scanning over the THE Reference, the Hessling Editor appears to support the function that I was specifically interested in at this time, the block copy/move/delete, etc. Are there example profile files available that add functions that implement sos commands, such as to mark blocks?

  • James Bradley

    James Bradley - 2012-10-12

    My questions might have been a bit premature. I'm running through the demo.txt document that refreshes some of my memory. I may not have any questions when I get done with the demo.

  • LesK

    LesK - 2012-10-12

    Real quick: HOME will take you back and forth between the filearea and the command line.
    F12 will take you back and forth between the filearea and the prefix area

    If you\'re running Windows, I have a LOT of tools to add usability and function to THE. A few depend on
    ooRexx, but I suspect most will run with Regina.

    I tried to post links to some web references, but SF thinks it makes my entry spam!

    Send me a SF email with your email address if you\'re interested. Some folder setup will make things

    I developed all these tools when I was new to both THE and ooRexx, coming from a mainframe (VM) environment. 


  • Bertram Moshier

    Bertram Moshier - 2014-01-31


    I started using XEdit with IBM/SP (I think it was SP) and then moved on to KEdit for OS/2 Warp and now Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

    As the Mansfield Group stated direction for KEdit is maintenance only till 2015 and to not release it to the public domain (given how much work it would take to clean it up), I'm looking for a better editor. Thus I'm looking at the Hessling Editor.

    I'm wondering a couple of things, as after reading what I found I'm still not clear on some various points.

    1) Will the Hessling Editor work with ooREXX. I know Regina is the preferred version of REXX, but read somewhere it works with other versions of REXX. Is ooRexx one of them?

    2) I noticed what looks to be a 64-bit version for Unix / Linux, but what about Windows? The downloaded filename implies it is 32-bit.

    One of my biggest issues with KEdit is the limit on the files it can edit. I'm looking for a 64-bit XEdit like editor, so file size really isn't an issue. Is there a 64-bit version of the Hessling Editor for Windows (64-bit versions, e.g. 7, 8, 8.1, and maybe even XP 64-bit)? If no, is this a possible future and if so how likely / when?

    Well, those are my two biggest questions at this time.

    Thank you! :-)

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  • LesK

    LesK - 2014-01-31

    If your files are so big that 32bit can't handle them, then you're probably doing something wrong :-)

    Generally speaking, you want to stick with 32 bit for maximum backward
    compatibility. Many old apps haven't (and won't) be upgraded to 64bit.

    My background is with Xedit as well and I'm quite happy with THE. See my
    earlier posts on this thread. Email me from SF and I'll give you my
    external email address to we can communicate directly.



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