#51 Many video problems with cinelerra


I have been using cinelerra-1.7.0 and recently upgraded
to 2.0.0, but both have these problems, which make it
virtually unusable.

I have been trying to get cinelerra to work for months
now. Sometimes, when I try to load a video, it doesn't
show any video, or anything listed in the tracks. The
video shows up in the media library, but I can't add it
to a track.

When the video DOES load, there are almost always
various errors. These usually show up both in viewing
and rendering as green bars, gray boxes with moving
shapes in them, and various others. Other problems
often include only portions of the video updating,
while the rest of the picture doesn't change. Again,
these also show up in the rendered output. Another
problem is that setting the current time point is
extremely innacurate, meaning that I can move the
position slider to the front, and the display will
still show video from some other time.

Other problems include the video being out of sync,
skipping around, or playing past the end.

Even the demo videos listed here have these problems.
The titanic one can't be added to a track. I've tried
using both XV and plain X11 video, and changing various
other options, but nothing seems to work.

There are no other problems outside of the ones with
the video, as far as I know.

I am using Gentoo Linux, with Xfree86 4.3.0. The
relevant system specs are 1GB ram, 180GB IDE hard disk,
AMD Athlon XP 2800+, Kernel 2.6, and a "Powered by ATI"
Radeon 9000. I do NOT currently have any video4linux
devices installed on this system.

I am using video that was converted from existing video
using mencoder with libavcodec. I'm not sure if I am
re-encoding using the right settings, and if that might
be causing the problem, although that wouldn't explain
why the demo videos also have problems.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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