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Really cant tell you what the issue might be. Ive been
tinkering with the same problem for the last 6 hours. I too
have sound but cinelerra (or any other program for that sake)
cant seem to register it. Meaning that the sound moves
straight from my soundcard to the speakers. Here is a couple
of suggestions though. Im using Slackware 9.1 and thus
ALSA with OSS emulation. I assume were suposed to
use /dev/dsp or /dev/audio. (Not quite sure which one).
But as no other program can register the sound i belive that
to be irrelevant. More important would be making sure that
the kernel has a ALSA driver for the soundprocessor of the
capture card. (Im using a BT878, that would be a pinnacle
card) And Im not sure it has. Another issue might be with my
soundcard driver (ac97) but as its working prefectly with
everything else i have to assume that its fully operational.

Regards Christoffer