#28 Multi-head support for Compositor window


This patch adds support to put the Compositor window on a
different screen than the rest of the windows in a multi-head
setup. It uses X11's "screens" feature. A Xinerama setup is not

A new option in the Preferences, section Interface is added
where the user can specify to put the Compositor window on
"Same screen as other windows" or a specific screen number.
If the option is changed, Cinelerra must be restarted to
become effective.

This patch was created with cinelerra 1.1.5, where it works
charmfully. It applies cleanly to 1.1.6, but since that version
doesn't work here (SuSE 8.2), I was unable to test it.

-- Hannes


  • Johannes Sixt

    Johannes Sixt - 2003-07-31

    Logged In: YES

    Ok, you asked for it, you get it.

    This update (NOT incremental, i.e. you must unapply the first version
    of the patch if you applied it) adds options to place the Viewer and
    Resources windows also on alternate screens. In addition, you can
    environment variables to set an arbitrary display. This env. variables
    have priority over the user setting; if they are set, but empty, the
    DISPLAY will be used, not the user's preferences.

    The problem that an invalid screen choice wouldn't allow cinelerra to
    start is also solved. Some (all?) subwindows that the various
    windows invoke are opened on the same screen as them. Except for
    Edit Clip, which is opend at the Resources' screen even when
    invoked from the Viewer. I've no better solution for this.

    Again, this patch was made against 1.1.5. It applies with some offset
    warning to 1.1.6 and compiles.

    Have fun,
    -- Hannes

  • Johannes Sixt

    Johannes Sixt - 2003-07-31

    multi-head support for all Cinelerra 1.1.5 windows


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