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9/29/01 backup

A greater number of smaller features in this one. Vertical development on Cinelerra is 75% complete with more energy expected to go into horizontal development and debugging as soon as vertical expansion reaches the original end stage set 15 months ago. The only vertical expansion from this point is probably plugin and transition features. The one weirdo who uses Cinelerra to generate mp3's on 150 node clusters should use the latest backup.... read more

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-09-30

092301 backup

As more commuters shifted from airplanes to cars the amount of time required for sitting in traffic went from 2 hours a day to 3 hours a day and the amount of productivity went down. So on one hand it's a blessing to have a job at a time when hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs to the will of terrorism but on the other hand it means those of us who can continue forward have less productivity than we did before.... read more

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-09-24

090901 backups

So with the sourceforget ftp server "cash burned" that left the sourceforget download server, which of course has a few bugs the least of which is a broken system clock the most of which is a tendancy to randomly discard files. The backups on the download server will be uncompilable for the most part and source code only. We are being hit up for compensation on a number of damages that our software caused so it's probably better that the downloads don't compile.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-09-09

082801 backups

The 082801 backups include mjpeg and Quicktime support for resolutions other than multiples of 16. More importantly though, render farms are supported in Cinelerra, to complement the bicubic resampling introduced previously. A 4 node render farm can do standard definition to high definition conversion in 20 minutes instead of an hour per minute of footage. True 64 bit doubles are written in the XML files. Plugin keyframes are properly loaded from XML. 1080P and 720P added to the project templates. 1280x720 added to the frame size table.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-08-27

backups vs. snapshots

As Linuxbox.com/linuxave.net/openave.net finally went out of business and VALinux/sourceforge continues to invent new technology. New technology like "cash burn". It's not accurate to call uploads to sourceforget "backups". In fact some users have already started calling them "snapshots" out of sheer intuition. We have invented a better term, however. We'll probably start calling the occasional "backups" to sourceforget "code burns".
We'll implement the use of "code burn" to back up code until the "cash burn" finally kicks in and VALinux's "employee burn" turns into "burned press release".... read more

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-08-18

081801 backup/snapshot

Broadcast 2000 was finally removed from the Cinelerra trunk, never to be compiled again. The last Broadcast 2000 backup is bcast081801.tar.bz2 and the first pure Cinelerra backup is cinelerra081801.tar.bz2. Furthermore, we continue to diverge from the consumer level space. Bicubic video scaling, 96khz audio, fractional video translation, optimizations for high samplerates and high framerates all started working in this backup, none of which have any relevance to the consumer level. Finally, the top level configure script is gone, replaced by pure Makefile conditionals. Much easier to maintain although probably going to ignite many a computer scientist's thinning hair ablaze.... read more

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-08-18

072801 backup

Post London backup. Several of the EffectTV plugins which weren't written in assembly language were ported. Unfortunately the good EffectTV plugins are pure assembly language, making it impossible to port them to Cinelerra's 8 color model design. Clip creation finally works.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-07-29

070701 backups

Been 2 months since the last source code backups so here are some 070701 backups. These contain massive improvements for those who can figure out how to compile them. Mainly, the Cinelerra VConsole renderer is about twice as fast when using YUV888, like anyone used RGB888 in the first place.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-07-08

MPEG-2 transport streams have arrived

The MPEG software can now decode transport streams as well as program streams. Now you can watch captured digital TV data from your hard drive.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-05-20


In case you've got a dual Athlon and you're wondering what to do with those dual ethernet ports, we've put together a small utility to transfer files across striped ethernet ports. It has lots of bugs but it gets the job done.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-05-13

XMovie 1.7 released

This release improves the transport mechanism, enables 6 discrete channels of audio output, and enables playback to a TV set through the DVS SDStation card. The DVS SDStation card is usually found in TV stations and movie studios.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-05-01

Updated FTP backups

If you're into looking at code that's far too difficult for 99% of the world to compile, there are new backups of our development project in the FTP area.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-03-24

New releases and web server

After banging on the sourceforge guy for several days the website is finally restored, complete with new releases. Once again these new releases mean the difference between useless and functional.

With the recent shift towards appliances for home computing and PC's for web infrastructure we're more aggressively touting the movie studio in a web server.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2001-01-18

New development archive

The "File Release" database got corrupted, which leaves FTP. The FTP archive contains a periodically updated source code archive. We don't expect this to be compilable by most people but it makes good wallpaper.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2000-12-08

Libmpeg3-1.2.2, CVS corrupted

Updated libmpeg3-1.2.2. CVS is corrupted. Someone with intimate CVS knowledge should email me for project admin status. They would then be in charge of CVS debugging.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2000-11-10

heroines.sourceforge.net is open

Administrating a sourceforge project using the web based interface is almost a full time job but here it is.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2000-11-02