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The 2/11/04 release

The new release is here. Notably, the virtual console was flipped around from the push algorithm it used since 1997 to the pull algorithm that most modern programs use. This allowed most of the non-realtime plugins to run in realtime and allowed the introduction of video decimation. Now the original 23.97fps film print can be completely recovered from HDTV broadcasts. Further time domain conversions from HDTV allow 480i to be recovered from 1280x720 in realtime.

Other than that, the current optimization errors in GCC seem to be crashing RGB16 colormodels. This is the more annoying of the long line of transient GCC states.

This is a landmark since it's probably the first time more code was submitted from the community than internally. A migration to Heroine Kernel 2.6 is planned when the kernel API's stabilize some more. The current API's are the most unstable of any kernel migration.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2013-06-03

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