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Everything folded up

After assessing levels of interest, marketing direction, and
experiencing a CVS erasing filesystem crash we moved forward on the
folding of all code into a single repository. Moved quicktime,
libmpeg3, xmovie, mix2000, and 2 mpeg multiplexing tools into the
cinelerra tree and renamed the one gigantic tree hvirtual. The upside
is Cinelerra compilation only requires exporting CFLAGS instead of
hunting down 5 packages and exporting CFLAGS. The downside is the one
guy who uses Quicktime has to download a bigger package through his
bankrupt ISP's refurbished 1998 reissued cable modem.

Mind you everything except cinelerra and plugins will remain
independant of each other. There's no motion to
standardize on the practice of building file
parsers on top of the applications.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2002-06-21

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