Folding up all code

It was decided a long time ago that Mpeg-2 Movie would be folded into
Cinelerra and only the multiplexer still distributed separately. The
one guy using Mpeg-2 Movie to copy DVD's would have to do it in
Cinelerra using a table of contents instead of copying directly from
the DVD. Since Hollywood video gives discounts for returning DVD's in
24 hours anyways, he's probably better off not copying directly from
the DVD. Copying DVD's without a renderfarm takes too long, besides.

Finally, the format of Quicktime using Vorbis and MPEG-4 hasn't changed
in a few weeks so it should probably be used instead of MPEG-2 anyway.
MPEG-2 is still useful for high quality camcorder footage.

Since Quicktime 4 Linux and Libmpeg3 aren't really standardized and
they do a lot things consumers are neither supposed to do nor have any
interest in doing they're probably going to get folded into Cinelerra
and discontinued as standalone packages.

This leaves XMovie, which only plays audio files and video made by
Cinelerra well. It isn't standardized and it doesn't support enough
Microsoft formats but it's still an easy way to watch Cinelerra output.

Posted by Heroine Virtual 2013-06-03

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