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As one of the leading components trading firms in Asia.We offer a wide range of products,such as DIP/SMD ICs,Diodes,LED,Regulatros,Transistors,Capacitors and Crystals.Since we are closely associated with many Ic manufacturers.We are able to quote you the best price and provide prompt delivery.


a)  Our strong lines includes Microchip, Maxim, 
 Altera,FIDI,Fairchild,Philips,ADI,ONS, ETC.


b)  Also, we have very good sources and channels for those obsolete 
 and hard to find. 


c) For many convenient parts, we will suggest you replacements from  reliable Chinese manufacturers so that to costdown


Please send to me with thanks and we will always do out best to 
support your cost-down during this economic recession,If you have 
any questions please do not be hesitate to contact me.Thanks.

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