#7 Effects for Cinerella

T. Adams

Cinerella is a sweet package. However, there is one
feature from broadcast that ought to be included, and a
new feature.

Old feature: Allow selecting of the video in the main
window (Cinerella: Program on start up) and then attach
a filter/effect/etc. for that section of video or audio...

New feature, for things like the oil, whirl, or such
effects there needs to be a way of automating the
controls. One way would be a chart you might say, with
time being the x axis, amplitude (control setting)
being the y axis.

So, I have 30 seconds attached to this instance of
whirl. I get a chart showing x 0 to 30 in appropriate
intervals. I have, I believe, 4 different lines I can
adjust for the control. When playback or render
occurs, it applies the effect/filter based on those
values at the appropriate marker. Line types allowed
on the chart ought to be rough (no real line, just
points... place between known sure points are
interpolated), Line of best fit (a real line,
everything is guessed/interpolated), some sort of
bezier curve where there are known points and guessed
points. There probably ought to be more types than
this, maybe a mixture, but anyway, this would make
cinerella far more powerful than it currently is with
the plugins/effects/filters.

Other than these two suggestions, this package rocks.


  • Heroine Virtual

    Heroine Virtual - 2002-06-27

    Logged In: YES

    You need to use the auto-keyframe feature to keyframe
    effects. All the effects support keyframes and some
    interpolate. There are no curve graphs for effects, just
    the ability to set keyframes.

  • Heroine Virtual

    Heroine Virtual - 2003-04-18
    • status: open --> closed

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