#31 firepipe


I'm using firepipe to split the load of mpeg2 compression
to two computers. ComputerA is generating yuv data
which I then pipe into firepipe to computerB. ComputerB
is then taking the pipe and putting it into mpeg2enc

I noticed mpeg2enc is pausing on the message "GOP
start (15 frames)". At the same time of the pause
network activity would happen. Then mpeg2enc would
compress 15 frames and the cycle continues. I increased
the firepipe.c BUFFER_SIZE and now it only pauses
every other GOP. So it leads me to belive that mpeg2enc
is loading its own buffer and then processing. I looked at
the firepipe code and saw there is only one buffer that
fills and then refills in a loop.

My question is has any work been done to have more
than one buffer and switch full buffers and fill empty one
(s) in the background? This could then feed to a
program that has it own buffer with out waiting for
firepipe buffer refill.

I'm looking into doing this myself, but wanted to check if
anybody has noticed or done anything about this before.


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