#11 port for PPC hardware


As a video editor I would love to use a linux/cinerella instead of the many different video editing packages
out there (Avid, Media 100, Final Cut Pro, etc). Unfortunately all of my hardware are apple macintosh
computers and mac related devices. This is true at work and at home. I have currently installed
Yellowdog linux and it is working well, but I found out when trying to download cinerella that it was
designed for intel/amd processors. I understand that I could download the source and compile it but
comments on the website made it seem unlikely that I could get it to work. So I would like to request a
version of the software products to be designed to run on PPC hardware (Yellowdog linux preferably).
Considering the nature of the software (video editing) I think that there are quite a few people out there
with macintosh hardware that would really consider yellowdog/cinerella as an alternate video editing
system. Thank you.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I totally agree !!! - although whilst we are on the subject of porting surely
    it should not be too difficult to port to Darwin - the open source core of
    OS-X. Unfortunately I am better at video editing than I am at
    programming - but I have some IT experience and as afr as I can see if
    XFREE86 and the GIMP can be made to work, which of course they do
    very nicely... then it should not be too difficult for someone who knows
    cinelerra well to accomplish.


  • David A. Gatwood

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    Umm... unless you're just trying to win the open source zealot of the year award, wouldn't it make a lot more sense to write a thin shim layer that ties it into the -real- QuickTime under Mac OS X? You'd get all your codec support plus firewire i/o and device control, and all without writing a single line of kernel code.

    Not to mention that the user base of Mac OS X is huge compared to any of the PPC Linux ports. (This coming from someone who still helps maintain such a port.) It just makes more sense to do a real port to Mac OS X, particularly since there's an offical, Apple-sponsored X11 distro for it now.... :-)

  • Heroine Virtual

    Heroine Virtual - 2003-04-18

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    PPC -> expensive.

    i686 -> cheap.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    final cut pro + shake --> expensive

    cinelerra --> cheap


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