#132 Audio device problems



I'm running Cinelerra on my server, which has got one
PCI-X interface. Today I found out I could actually put
in a PCI card. So I tryed Firewire, my server doesn't
have a soundcard.

When I started Cinelerra I can open my raw DV files.
This is great. But playing them results in an
segmentation fault, posted in the forums. I wanted to
solve it, so I ran GDB and inspected the issue.

Since the preferences said I was using an OSS device,
which did not exists I thought the solution was simple:
loading ALSA/snd-dummy with the OSS emulation. This
gave me a /dev/dsp but Cinelerra still crashed when
playing ONLY the audio tracks. I found out that only
video worked.

The segmentation fault:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 1115703632 (LWP 4038)]
0x00000000004f8fb0 in AudioDevice::open_output ()

After this finding I wanted to try ESD. ESD worked with
the dummy interface, and apparantly Cinerella worked
with the proper configuration for ESD. It even made the
meters go up and down :)

And reported:
AudioESound::open_output: open failed

Without a segmentation fault :)


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