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HERMES End of Life.

Due to a number of issues in design choices taken early in HERMES, I have decided to abandon this project. There has never been enough community involvement to heep this running, and not enough to justify the re-engineering work that has to go on to modernize the code.

Bear in mind that this was one of my first attempts at non-trivial application development and hence some problematic choices have occurred which would require a lot of effort to correct.... read more

Posted by Chris Travers 2007-07-15

HERMES website to move

HERMES website to move

Command Prompt, Inc. has generously offered to provide hosting to the HERMES web page. Due to the fact that future versions of HERMES will not support MySQL for the foreseeable future, we have outgrown the Sourceforge offerings, as our demo would be of limited use if we continued to use Sourceforge's hosting.

Command Prompt's hosting provides a private instance of PostgreSQL, so we can actually maintain total control over the installation. This is a significant benefit for our project.... read more

Posted by Chris Travers 2004-01-18

Hermes 0.3.0 Released

Hermes 0.3.0 has been released. It will be the last release which supports MySQL for the moment.

Posted by Chris Travers 2004-01-15

Hermes 0.3.0 in Beta Testing

Hermes 0.3.0 has entered beta testing. Try it out, break it, and let me know :-)

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-12-06

Hermes 0.3.0 Alpha 4 released

Alpha 4 (hopefully the final alpha) has been released for Hermes 0.3.0. All known bugs have been fixed, with the exception of the user management tools which still do not function properly. Use it, test it, fix it, and contribute patches :-)

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-12-03

Hermes 0.3.0 Alpha 2 released

Hermes 0.3.0 Alpha 2 has been released. THis release fixes all known parser errors, and adds support (experimental and incomplete) for shared hosting environments under PostgreSQL.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-11-07

New projects in the works

New technologies are being developed for HERMES. They include:

1: Internal messaging system (usable for automated technical support, internal ordering, etc).

2: Action Item Queuing for greater scalability (originally scheduled for 0.7.0, now will likely make 0.3.1).

3: A Shared Hosting Permissions Enforcement Layer (postgreSQL only) for running HERMES on a shared host. This will enable HERMES to scale down to smaller businesses that don't want to run their own server and open the door for application service providers.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-10-31

0.3.0 Beta Delayed

0.3.0 Beta 1 has been delayed for perhaps a week. 0.3.0 will be an extremely important milestone as it will mean that all existing components will be object oriented, and user management functions will also be exposed in PostgreSQL via database level API's.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-10-31

Hermes Developer 20031021 Released

New User management architecture (UI not complete yet), extra docs, better protection against SQL injection. And other goodies :)

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-10-22

On our way towards Hermes CRM 0.3

A new developers snapshot will be released today. Due to the nature of the changes currently being undertaken, this should be taken as a proof of concept ONLY as the current user management tools are out of sync with the database structure.

We can expect Hermes 0.3.0 to begin beta testing shortly once these issues have been resolved. The changelog is fairly long....

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-10-22

Hermes CRM 0.2.1 Released

Fixes include a number of changes to the database schema files ensuring an easier installation.

Also of interest to developers, a number of functions and classes have been added to the lib/pcal components in order to better handle date intervals.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-10-12

New Roadmap Released

New roadmap has been released. Check it out in the documentation manager.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-10-08

Hermes 0.2.0 released. 0.2.1 out soon

Hermes 0.2.0 has been released and features a stable set of interfaces for building calendar applications. Additionally, we are in the final testing phase of some improvements with lib/pcal which will provide much added programming functionality and hope to have it out soon :)

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-09-21

New Hermes Snapshot released

This developers release contains known bugs and is intended to show how near the completion of 0.2.0 is. To reach 0.2.0, a few more user interface changes need to be made, known bugs with the appointment attendees object model needs to be further developed. However, 0.2.0 will be done fairly soon...

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-08-31

Hermes CRM 0.1.3 is released

New features include the ability to track appointments in connection to action items and several bugfixes. It is the latest stable release and if at all possible all users should be using it.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-08-26

Hermes CRM 0.1.2 has been released

Fixes all outstanding bugs. Action item types and priorities are now stored on the backend so that referential integrity can be enforced and reporting...

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-08-18

Hermes CRM 0.1.1p1 has been released

A number of MySQL specific bugs were fixed and one or two general ones. Upgrade today.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-08-13

Hermes CRM 0.1.1 is here

This release addresses a number of usability and programability issues with 0.1.0 and is a major step closer to the next milestone.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-08-10

Hermes 0.1.0 is Here!!!

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 is here. It features developer-ready contact management and action item tracking. More advanced calendar management is in the works for 0.2.0 and is partially complete.

This release is suitable for consultants and people who need a multi-user contact management system. Most of the heavy duty CRM functionality is not yet implimented.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-19

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 RC4 released

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 RC4 has been released. This resolves all known issues. Test it and beat it up. Let me know what you think.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-15

CVS is discontinued

CVS is discontinued. Please do no use it. At some point we may offer anonymous cvs sources again, but for now, we will be doing a developer branch release system instead.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-15

Hermes 0.1.0 RC 3 released

RC2 was released yesterday. However, a bug introduced in Beta 2 which went undiscovered until now which could result in higher end-user support costs, and this bug has been conclusively fixed. Documentation also has some minor changes designed to make the installation easier.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-13

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 RC1 is out.

This is the first release we think is ready for production use. All known bugs have been removed. Test it beat it up, and if you find bugs, let me know so that they can be fixed before the release.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-10

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 Beta 3 is here.

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 beta 3 is here. This includes many bugfixes. Please feel free to test it :-)

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-09

Hermes CRM 0.1.0 Beta 2 is released

Hermes 0.1.0 beta 2 fixed all known issues with beta 1 at that time. If you are interested in testing this application, please try using it. Please try the demo at today.

Since the release of beta 2, a few bugs have been discovered. Beta three will be out shortly which corrects these bugs.

Posted by Chris Travers 2003-07-07