• Jim Cullison

    Jim Cullison - 2004-08-11

    We got OpenJMS and Hermes to work together.  Here's how:

    library paths:

    commons-logging-1.0.3.jar  (probably not necessary)

    Connection Factory: hermes.JNDIQueueConnectionFactory

    binding :JmsQueueConnectionFactory
    initialContextFactory: org.exolab.jms.jndi.InitalContextFactory
    providerURL: tcp://localhost:3035/

    when adding Queues we had the case wrong on the names for a while

    Now we need to add username and password for authentication.  Can somebody recommend what properties to use for this?


    • Colin Crist

      Colin Crist - 2004-08-12

      Thanks, I'll add to the docs - interesting to see you needing jms 1.0.2a, is OpenJMS not at least 1.0.2b compliant?

      You can add username/password via the sessions dialog you used to configure the factory - its at the bottom, click "Requires Authentication" and then add the username and password.


      • Jim Cullison

        Jim Cullison - 2004-08-13

        I have no idea why OpenJMS includes JMS 1.0.2a, but I can definitely ask.  Most likely they just haven't had time to adapt and move on up.

        Thanks for the info about logins.  Hermes is a great tool and has already helped improve my usage of OpenJMS!


    • cea

      cea - 2004-11-30

      I can't get hermes to connect to my OpenJMS. I have the exact same details as jcullison above except that my providerURL is rmi://

      The error message is:
      2004-11-30 14:26:18,157 [Hermes ThreadPool-4] DEBUG hermes.browser.actions.AbstractActionImpl - errorText= Failed to createSession  java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested exception is:
          java.rmi.UnmarshalException: error unmarshalling arguments; nested exception is:
 no protocol: and

      Any ideas? Can't I use an RMI URL. Does it have to be TCP based as in jcullison's case?

      • Colin Crist

        Colin Crist - 2004-11-30

        Can you use the forums at

        I'll post the following reply there when you've repeated the question so others can benefit.

        This problem relates to where you've installed Hermes and possibly OpenJMS, install then somewhere with no spaces in the path and reconfigure the new Hermes install. It seems to be something to do with JNDI on windows.




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