Reorganizing Helpzilla

Development has been a little slow for the past week (or two). The current development has been moving so fast that things have become a little messy and in need of a little cleaning (okay more than a little).

Plans for browser support have also changed a little. While I still plan to provide support for most if not all browsers eventually, the initial focus will be on a functional chat client for modern browsers (NS 6 & IE 6). Once the system is stable and functiona other clients will be added to support legacy browsers.

Also (and lastly) after talking with some people who actually use software like this it looks like most of them prefer a non-web based interface for operators and administration. While I have not made any definite plans on how to best handle this side of Helpzilla, I am leaning twords implementing a standalone Java application for the operator side. I believe that this may speed up development (to a production quality release) as well as allow for a more rich and robust interface for the people who will be working with Helpzilla. If there is a high demand for a web interface or if I find that I can whip one together in PHP and not lose my head...

Posted by Jason Dillon 2003-05-16

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