#15 a lot of new features?


First part includes some strange things I recognized

-Empty trash not in trash node contextmenu
-no additional shortcuts, the strange Layout with big
buttons confusses and e.g. ET, ESC is assigned to
Cancel,OK automatically
-no autostatus
The status of a fresh project should allways be 'needs
a review' because the first time its often just to get
a structure that is filled later
I doesn't know how I can include a german dictonary :-(
-Tree-add-'always topic'
Thats very unusefull because in the root you create
very often chapters ;)
-URL links
The Add Url link tool ignores selected text(doesn't put
it into captionbox) but replaces it with the link.
confusses because it has a name and menueicon as when
this is a url. Better caption would be 'link' or 'jup'
-WYSIWYG component
a more Office like style for urls,links would be better
-no 'properties'
There are no 'properties' menue entries for
contentitems in the tree or e.g. table,urls,...
-no convert topic->chapter
sometimes it might be that subitems would be a better
structure then only one big topic page. You have to
copy it and paste

And now a few new requests
-notes,topic tool
Would it be heavy to include something like a
dropdownlist component in the editor's window that has
all items listed and includes them with a specific
caption(items might need a additional 'aka' Caption I
e.g. title some 'Probl.-Thisthat' so better
Then an another tool with similar look might be nice,
that pastes often used phrases like the programname or
stuff that is repeated and has to be equal.
-style list
a listbox like in Office with specific format styles
e.g. 'hint'=bold+blue background that a user can add
would be realy cewl and if it would support shortcuts
or autocomplete feature it would be supreme cool :-P
-jumppoints like in HTML
I think 'jump to's would be easy to realise and would
allow a much better navigation.
-Popup autoscan
The work with popupwindows could be massive simplyfied
when there would be a 'popupscanner' in the background
that checks new words if they are writen like popup
captions(the aka feature above would be a great extension)
-no SHIFT+multiselect in tree
so it is very compley to change the status of a lot of

Even if I follow your way a lot of time, I know that it
is very difficult to build a WYSIWYG Editor so I think
sometimes an OpenOffice Export would be the best
solution :-/
Nevertheless, it's great that somebody codes a free
help editor!


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