Backup / Secondary Server Support

  • Anonymous - 2014-03-09

    The ability to set up a backup / secondary server and have the program
    automatically retry failed articles with the other server would be a massive

    Many people use block accounts as a backup to their main unlimited provider
    these days so only being able to configure one server is a bit of a pain.

    Other than that - great prog - it's fast as lightning :-)

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  • Matthias

    Matthias - 2014-03-09

    Ok, since you are not the first one requesting this feature, I will implement it for the next version :)

  • Anonymous - 2014-04-24

    Great news! I can't wait to see. I don't want to put you on the spot, but just in case you do have an idea... About how long until the update?

  • Matthias

    Matthias - 2014-04-24

    Hard to say, that depends on my other tasks I have to work on... But I estimate not more than 2-3 weeks.

    In the meatime, could you please describe as detailed as possible what exactly you would expect from such a feature?

  • Anonymous - 2014-04-24

    There would be the ability in settings to enter the info for a secondary server. The program would always try to use the first server, and then fallback on the second server only if the content is not found on the first. The second server would serve as a backup, such as if the content is no longer present on the first server, but it likely is present on the second.

  • Matthias

    Matthias - 2014-05-02

    Ok, we have finally implemented this feature into HelloNzb. There is a beta of the upcoming version 1.4, which you can grab from here:

    Will you please tell me whether the new feature works for you?



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