Helix PHP Framework Installation Help

  • Johnathan Hebert

    If you need help installing Helix, please let us know and we can help you here!

    • Federico Navarrete

      Thanks for your possible I'd like to use this powerful framework but I can't install it, it gave me all the time a horrible bug and the zip doesn't have the setup.php :\

  • Damian O'Brien

    Damian O'Brien - 2009-09-22

    We are working on the documentation, but there should be enough to get you started.  Feel free to ask for clarification on anything in the meantime.

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    When I try to open http://localhost/helix/site/helix/

    I got error:

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.

    Please help me.


  • Damian O'Brien

    Damian O'Brien - 2010-02-14

         The "helix" directory is not a true site.  It is a shared admin space for all sites that you install.  After you run through the new site setup, let's say you called it "mysite", you would go to http://localhost/helix/sites/mysite to access your new site, and the admin section for "mysite" will be in http://localhost/helix/sites/mysite/helix.  Good luck.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi, i think there's a bug in installation process. i'm using windows vista (with user account control turned off), and apache, php, mysql all come from xampp 1.7.3 package.

    it seems to me that you didn't put much thought on users using port as part of their local web configuration. Here's my installation steps:

    - I created new directory (let's say 'myhelix') under web root dir,

    - Then I set a port number (ie. 82) for this directory, and unzip helix inside 'myhelix' directory, so the full path is "c:/www/myhelix/helix/".

    - Restarting the Apache

    - I ran helix setup: http://localhost:82/helix/setup.php which run fine, but when i entered the folder name, the URL box changed its value to "http://localhost:82:82/helix/sites/myblog/".

    - The installation process is failed and i got server error message (http 500).

    Any help to solve that double port values would be highly appreciated!

    Thank you

    - taufikpurnomosidi -

  • Damian O'Brien

    Damian O'Brien - 2010-05-03

         Take a look at the log files for any clues.  You want to look at are \helix\sites\myblog\log\myblog.log.

    It is likely that you have an incorrect path in your config.  Double check the paths in your helix\sites\myblog\etc\server.config.php file.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi Damian & Jonathan,

    I wanted to use Helix for a pretty big project.  I had used it in my very short time at Intec and it fits very well with the project I'm working on.

    Alas, the configuration of Helix doesn't seem to match the help files (or what I had been used to) and I can't really get an initial project going.  Specifically, I'm interested in how to create the starter database, which did not happen when I created "mysite", though the "mysite" directory did show up and was populated. 

    Any other tips you can give would also be helpful.

    I really don't want to build this project from scratch.

    Thanks, George


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