Meteo 2.0a2 released

The second alpha release of the future Meteo 2.0 has been released. Please note that this release is FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Please CAREFULLY and completely read the Readme.rtf file included on the disk image BEFORE installing and using this new version. Changes include:
- New preferences icons and logo (thanks to Bruce Abel)
- Now refresh after waking up from sleep
- Fixed Dock functionality
- Added option to disable animation in menu bar
- Fixed drawing of radar image and loading of menu icons for 10.2 implementations
- Fixed menubar freezes with Loading icon
- Fixed the Loading... animation - it no longer stops too soon
- Fixed the font/table for extended forecast items
- Fixed operation
- make unit tested (especially searching)
- Temperature is now displayed as High/Low
- Can show dual C/F temperatures (at the same time)
- Fixed conversion in "wind" forecast data
- significant digits after conversion
- Added a new About dialog
- Got rid of annoying dialogs
- Fixed a bug where the menu was not redrawn when the cities are reordered
- Now displays an error message if no plugins are discovered.
- User selectable sounds on Automatic Update and Rotate
- Fixed sf bug 1096204
- Fixed sf bug 1096222
- New option to show the next update time.
- get timers now both reset on change

Posted by Paul Borokhov 2005-06-05

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