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  • BL

    BL - 2011-10-03

    I like the alerts feature of Meteo, except there seem now to be alerts known as Special Weather Statements that are general and apply to a long period. For example: "the coming week will begin a trend to colder weather more typical of the season, etc". I don't want to be alerted to that… I can see it from the forecasts. The alerts I care about are more like "tornadoes possible between 6 and 9PM Saturday". Does the weather provider identify alerts by level and, if so, can we select the threshold for notification?

  • EdwardD20

    EdwardD20 - 2011-10-03

    Good idea for an enhancement, but I wouldn't hold your breath. ;)

    The idea of only posting a tornado warning message for example is that by the time the warning is issued, it's already on top of your house.



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