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SVN support removed, Git updates

The source level of the Git repo surpassed the SVN repo on the long suffering 2.0-Maven branch, so I've gone ahead and removed the SVN repo so people don't wind up getting the wrong version. There don't really seem to be any protests in the support section (or any users) so this is most likely not a problem... However, for anyone inconvenienced that does not want to upgrade to Git, there are always git/svn bridges that work fairly well.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2014-05-11 Labels: git svn build java8

Git repo available

I've gone ahead and used svn2git to make a Git repo available for Heart of Gold. For now both SVN and Git should be the same level of source - due mainly to the complete lack of activity in recent history - and should be available in their respective UI tabs: Code (svn) and Code (git). The next set of contributions will probably see the SVN repository being deprecated as keeping them in sync would probably be pointless (feel free to file a feature request if you disagree).... read more

Posted by Greg F 2014-05-09 Labels: release git

New 2.0 branch

Been a while... it's been one hell of a past three years heh, and spare time is always a precious commodity.

There's a new branch at https://heartofgold.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/heartofgold/branches/2.0-Maven that I'm working on presently, hoping to finish and eventually release.

* Maven build instead of Ant. This means that dependencies no longer have to be stored as JAR binaries in SVN.
* Log4J integration: out of the box you don't have to modify anything to get a reasonable set of defaults, you shouldn't have to be a programmer to configure this stuff.
* Uses Nimbus LNF out of the box (with a fallback to Plastic - which is not in SVN yet).
* Lots of cleaning up the source and making easier to read.
* UI fixes.
* Looking at OSGI.
* Using Spring may alleviate some of the configuration concerns, looking into that too.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2010-02-08

Working plugin manager

In svn (>= R73). I've added new unit tests and a few interface tweaks were made. I've still got some inelegant algorithm duplication between abstract classes.

I found out that whatever Eclipse was doing to compile my project (pre-existing w/ Ant) was building unreliable binaries. So, my unit tests were bogus. I also found out some weird concurrency issues with jUnit itself that I still don't fully understand.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2007-05-11

Plugin manager first pass

I've got a first pass of the plugin manager and associated unit tests (about 6 of them). Right now the object isn't hooked up, but will store associations between listeners and listenable components in a serializable context. The current tests are just some assertions regarding standard behavior, and even a test pair of a driver and a formatter. Please see http://heartofgold.sourceforge.net for more details on the plugin system.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2007-05-07

Build file modifications and upcoming changesets

I've refactored the build script to not do a fresh build mechanism. It no longer creates a src-temp, performing a copy of all source, it now builds from root/src.

I've done this to facilitate unit testing from within Eclipse via the JUnit plugins. A side-effect is that the tokens in files no longer get replaced at build time.

This marks a build philosophy change: build.xml is now pretty useless for generation of releases, and should be used for personal builds only. But then, I'm not really sure anyone is crafting releases anyway...... read more

Posted by Greg F 2007-05-06

UI fixes/upgrades/features in SVN

I've gone ahead and closed the feature request at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1645048&group_id=99656&atid=624932 , the one to improve the tabbed UI. Please see the followup for notes on new functionality. I'll need to revisit tab-swapping again sometime to make it prettier.

Now that the UI is a little more solid on the shared functionality, it's time to add functionality for plugins/modularity. By this I mean being able to load formatters, messages, drivers and widgets at runtime and have those changes persist. This is not going to be a trivial problem to solve, so don't expect it soon. (even crude) Completion of this functionality will trigger RC2 going out.

Posted by Greg F 2007-02-04

Build fixed, RC1 new builds up

Sorry it took a while, decided to fix the build the right way. There's now two build files: build.xml, which is great for devs and release.xml for generating releases. I've gone ahead and given the release.xml to the community so that it can be critiqued or aped by others as necessary. I've uploaded the new builds, but SF.net seems to be having issues with their file release. I'll check back later to make sure they're up.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2007-01-28

Build malfunction

Whoops! the build is borked... I'm working on a fix, and then I'll re-release another set of binaries and source.

Posted by Greg F 2007-01-27

0.3Refactor SVN branch defunct

As the subject implies, this branch is now deprecated as the refactor is complete. I'll get around to deleting it one of these days, in the meantime all active development will happen in trunk. The 0.1 branch containing the old legacy source will be kept around for historical reasons.

Posted by Greg F 2007-01-26

Heart of Gold goes RC1!

After a three year hiatus and a complete redesign/rewrite, Heart of Gold is now in a releasable condition. Weighing in at 2,980 LoC, it contains a serial driver (RS232), works cross platform and contains the original spark controller mechanism - written from scratch.

The new system is much more extensible, and as updates continue it'll become easier to create new functionality. The project team is looking for members and user contributions, so if you'd like to contribute please drop me an email! Testers are, as always, welcome as well.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2007-01-26

Spark controller logic added to SVN

I've ported/improved the logic from the old release on the spark controller and checked it in. This necessitated some updates to the way messaging is handled, and will require a larger refactor at a later point. All that's blocking RC1 is updating the UI tabs (one per component) and modifying the spark UI to be less ugly.

Changes are still occurring sporadically due to personal life, but I'm hoping to get RC1 out by Monday. I'm also anticipating a change to the release mechanism and a possible cleanup of SVN.

Posted by Greg F 2007-01-25


I've gone ahead and added both WinXP and Ubuntu VMWare "Browser Appliance" image (what I do Linux testing in) screenshots. The screenshots are out of the 0.3Refactor branch that I'm currently working on and showcase the Plastic3D JGoodies Look-N-Feel.

Posted by Greg F 2006-12-04

Bug fixes, preview of spark widget

Added the old spark widget UI. Going to need to do some refactoring with the layout - switching to card layouts, having new components start in their own tab (right now it's just a quick hack to .add(), yes, that's bad). Fixed a lot of old behavior that made sense for testing. Bug fixes.

Posted by Greg F 2006-12-04

0.4 pieces in SVN

Started work on all the changes for 0.4, which should be all that's necessary before I re-release as RC1 (where the legacy components were). All that's missing is the UI and the spark component, and then I'll merge the branch with trunk (0.3 will also have to actually be reverted and a 0.4 trunk created).

My apologies for the delays, but I'm busy these days and actually intend to be moving over the next month. Hopefully 1.0 can be released before January, and HPUX can re-contribute his spark controller work for all those interested.

Posted by Greg F 2006-11-27

Hpux readded

No... not the OS. Hpux has rejoined the project and should hopefully be contributing his spark-controller source. Welcome back.

Posted by Greg F 2006-10-19

Heart of Gold 0.3 Driver and Core Releases

0.3 Driver and Core packages are now available in both Zip and Tar/GZip formats. I've gone ahead and split the releases into LEGACY (our old source that you probably won't want), Core Components, Drivers and Device Components (Widgets etc).

The Core Components contain the first draft of the internals of the system. It's got all the core objects, but for the sake of a smaller archive I've omitted drivers, and altered the config files not to try and init drivers. Please combine with the 0.3-RS232 release (see below) to get the full current state from my latest branch in SVN.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2006-10-19

Working core in SVN

Check out the 0.3Refactor branch for details. I've got it tested on Win32 (via Com0Com) and I'm going to try it out on the VMware Browser Appliance and my Solaris 10 box next.

*NOTE: Please make sure to grab the configs directory and install properly, otherwise the RS232 driver will fail.

After hardware tests on Linux and Solaris I'll be moving on to re-adding the graphical part. This will most likely get added next weekend as I'm running out of Sunday heh.

Posted by Greg F 2006-10-15

Massive refactoring

I've already done some substantial refactoring, but more is on the way. I hope to have the serial implemented soon, with a rough cut that introduces my new architecture scheme.

You'll notice the entire package scheme has been reworked and there are all sorts of new objects in the 0.3Refactor SVN branch. I'm rebuilding the software architecturally from the ground up.

My priorities are currently: get a sample RS232 driver and NMEA0183 formatter done. Get a sample Spark subscriber (cannibalize old source) for testing and test via com0com. I can try and add in Ryan's old Megasquirt stuff, but that will take me a lot longer.... read more

Posted by Greg F 2006-10-15


Been busy with real life... The project has finally been re-opened with the help of the SF.NET staff. The first change was that SVN is now in use, CVS will be clicked unused (the repo will still exist). The second change is the project description.

Since the sourcebase hasn't been worked on in over two years, it's going to take some serious refactoring. The first change will be the handling of serial will most likely be farmed out to RXTX. Bugs on the list will be squashed, as I now have the experience to know what causes them...... read more

Posted by Greg F 2006-10-14