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Has anyone thought of having a web interface to the
database version so that the systems could in effect be
monitored remotely at a glance of a web page. I could
see this as being a great tool for administrators of
multiple systems to be able to be proactive in
administering their systems when the disk is about to
get full or a service stops that should not. That is
assuming the email notification is not already being
used. I know a little about ASP , but probably would
need to be more interactive.


  • Vittorio Pavesi

    Vittorio Pavesi - 2005-03-19

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    If you would like to follow this part of the project, contact me !

  • Ross Linfoot

    Ross Linfoot - 2005-05-06

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    I have tried researching more about making a web interface to
    track the database information that is generated, but I do not
    know of a way to have a realtime interface being displayed in
    a web page - I know there may be some type of notification
    required, but I am not technical enough to determione if that
    is a route that should be going. I am sure that a static page
    can display the base information and can be refresshed
    manually if necessary.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Why not just use refresh tag to update values? All you have
    to worry is to implement a simple webserver, which runs on
    an configurable port, and that may or not have auth scheme

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    It has been added in version 4.0, see www.health-monitor.com


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