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Reporting installation problems

I can't install HEALPix on my computer, please help me !

This statement, even if true, is not enough to let us help you installing and enjoying HEALPix.
If you encounter problems during the HEALPix configuration, compilation, installation or tests,
contact us at http://healpix.sourceforge.net/support.php to report the problems, providing the following information:

  • the operating system you are using (Linux, MacOSX, Windows, ...) and its version,
  • the subpackages you are trying to install (C, C++, Fortran, IDL, java, python),
  • the origin and version of the compiler(s) you are using,
  • a precise description of when (which step) and how the problem appeared, this may include:
    • a log of the installation process,
    • a copy of the error messages,
    • a copy of the Makefile generated during the configure step, if any


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