Healpix 2.0 patch 01

The version 2.01 of Healpix is available for download since Nov 07, 2005

This is an 'update' release, only addressing the bugs found in
version 2.00 (see below).

It is available both as a full package
and as a patch
containing only the files modified since v2.00:
The patch has to be unpacked in the current Healpix directory,
and the Makefile that worked for 2.00 should work for the patched version.

What has changed in Healpix 2.01 ?

* science related bugs
src/f90/mod/pix_tools.f90: fixes bug in NEIGHBOURS_NEST routine for Nside=1
src/f90/anafast/ana_sub_inc.f90 correct treatment of mask in iterative map analysis of ANAFAST
(occurring when maskfile *and* iter_order are simultaneously not to their default value)
src/cxx/Healpix_cxx/healpix_base.cc corrects bug in list of nearest neighbours returned
by Healpix_Base::neighbors()

* compilation related problems
src/f90/mod/alm_map_template.f90: correction of compilation bug for OpenMP+SGI
src/f90/mod/alm_tools.f90: made internal subroutines public for usage with MPI
src/f90/mod/healpix_fft.F90: remove TRANSFER calls for compatibility with Gfortran

configure:  bug correction for xlf90+Darwin

* cosmetics
Version: updated version number (2.01)

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Posted by Eric Hivon 2005-11-07

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