Bernhard Bablok - 2011-03-19

Hi all,

it took some time but now there is a new release of hdrff with a few highlights.

First of all, for users of multi-core computers the throughput should increase considerably. hdrff now uses parallel processing for a number of core modules. I'm not finished with the transition of all modules yet, but I already ported the code of the most important long-running modules.

Secondly, there is a new frontend: hdrff4img. It is explained in detail in the user's guide, but a command like

hdrff4img -t "hdr" dsc_1234.nef dsc_1235.nef dsc_1236.nef

will create the hdr-file hdr_1234.hdr. No setup required (but possible, if you want to change the defaults)! This program is very useful for ad-hoc exploration of hdr and the various tone-mapping algorithms.

Another highlight is the reworked gimp-module. It is now possible to configure all layers of the gimp-file created and you are not limited to three layers.

Please also read the release notes and the ChangeLog (there are more changes and improvements).

Feedback, comments and suggestions are as always welcome.