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hdparm-9.51 is released

  • New --security-prompt-for-password flag for use with the various --security- actions.
  • Makefile tweak from Mike Frysinger.
  • fix spelling/typos in man page and "removable", courtesy of Alex Mestiashvili.
  • fix spelling/typos in --sanitize-crypto-scramble, courtesy of Tom Yan.
  • fix NULL password handling in --security-unlock, courtesy of Tom Yan.
Posted by Mark Lord 2017-01-19

hdparm-9.50 is released

Minor fixes for the sanitize device support introduced in 9.49.

Posted by Mark Lord 2016-10-19

hdparm-9.49 is released

- add ACS-3 overprovisioning support, courtesy of Intel.
- fix bug in display of security section and use updated erase-time values from ACS-3, courtesy of Patrick Higgins.
- increase timeout on fwdownload to 2 minutes, courtesy of Rusy Carruth.
- fix bugs from devslp patch.

Posted by Mark Lord 2016-10-17

hdparm-9.48 released

hdparm-9.48 is now available.

-- fixed a number of output bugs due to the devslp patch

Posted by Mark Lord 2015-06-17

hdparm-9.47 released

hdparm-9.47 is now available.

  • added devslp patch (IDENTIFY word 76) from David Woodhouse.
  • help and manpage fixes from Michal Minar.
Posted by Mark Lord 2015-06-14

hdparm-9.46 released

hdparm-9.46 is now available.

Recent changelogs:

- fix compilation with "musl libc".
- added "hex:aabbcc.." for binary security passwords.
- return EIO when read_big_block() fails
- use llabs() rather than abs() in identify.c
- fixed blocksize handling in fibmap code to use result from FIGETBSZ in more places (Anton Altaparmakov).
- fixed divide by zero exception in geom.c
- tidying up formatting in sgio.c
- changed reg_flags struct to more closely match kernel definition (Lucas Magasweran).
- added fwdownload mode "E" support (Rusty Carruth).
- fix timeouts for security-erase (again!)
- change display of security "supported" to handle ambiguous reporting from drives
- don't rely upon C-library for byte-swapping
- added --dco-setmax support, courtesy of Geoff Papilion.
- rearrange flag execution so that the idle/standby/sleep "now" flags are executed last.
- fix ordering of -S -y flags
- spelling, typo, and formatting fixes for manpage and others
- set block-count to 1 for Security commands sent via SAT (sgio)
- use FIGETBSZ to determine filesystem block size for fibmap -- needed for FAT
- fix master password revcode handling
- try and fix reg_flags (again!) for old IDE taskfile ioctls
- fixed '&&' bug in dco_identify code
- force sector dumps (read-sector, identify, ..) to use le16 output format
- proper SCT identify info courtesy of Leonid Evdokimov leon@darkk.net.ru
- updated raid1ext4trim.sh-1.5 script
- avoid HDIO_GETGEO_BIG when possible (doesn't exist in linux-2.6.xx and beyond)
- pad secure erase timeouts by 30minutes rather than 5minutes.

Posted by Mark Lord 2015-06-14

hdparm-9.38, hdparm-9.39 released

hdparm-9.39 is now available.

New features since 9.37 include the "-J" flag for adjusting the "WDIDLE3" timeout for Western Digital "Green" drives, and the "-R" flag for enabling/disabling on-drive read-write-verify operations.

Fixes include longer timeouts for "--security-erase" on large drives.

Posted by Mark Lord 2012-02-03

hdparm-9.37 + wiper.sh-3.3

hdparm-9.37 is now released. The --fibmap flag now works on many RAID1 arrays, and wiper.sh works better on (non-LVM) SuSe and Fedora systems.

Posted by Mark Lord 2011-01-24

hdparm-9.36 + wiper.sh-3.1

hdparm-9.36 is released. No code changes from 9.35, but this package now includes the updated wiper.sh version 3.1.

New in wiper.sh-3.1 is support for TRIM on hfsplus (OS/X) and ntfs (MSWin) filesystems. This code works for a few people, but has not been widely tested yet, so please backup your data first.

Posted by Mark Lord 2010-11-11

hdparm-9.35: fixed bugs from 9.34

hdparm-9.35 is out, purely a bugfix release, replacing 9.34.
Anyone running versions 9.27 through 9.34 should upgrade immediately.

This one fixes a number of flags broken by a common bug in 9.34 (sorry about that, folks!).

Now I think I'll go have a little lie down for a spell.. :)

Posted by Mark Lord 2010-10-19


Fixed bug that was impairing some flags (eg. "set acoustic"), and possibly causing trouble with external drive enclosures.


Posted by Mark Lord 2010-10-16

hdparm-9.33: fixed issues on AHCI chipsets

hdparm-9.33 is now available. UPDATING is RECOMMENDED.
-- worked around issue whereby commands might sometimes appear (incorrectly) to fail on ahci chipsets.
-- fixed compilation on older systems

Posted by Mark Lord 2010-10-04

hdparm-9.32: major bug fixes

hdparm-9.32 is now released. This includes fixes for the bugs introduced in 9.27 (which nobody emailed me about). So now, many flags such as -B and -M should be working again for most people.

Note: due to a bug in libata/libahci in recent kernels, some commands may still appear to fail. This is NOT an hdparm bug. A kernel fix is required (not yet available).

Posted by Mark Lord 2010-09-24

wiper-2.4 released: supports reiser3

wiper.sh version 2.4 is available. This version adds offline trim support for reiserfs (reiser3) filesystems.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-09-07

hdparm-9.27 released: fix compatbility with old IDE

hdparm-9.27 is now available --> RECOMMENDED UPDATE.

Most of the recent versions prior to this one have had broken compatibility with the old IDE drivers in Linux. This version fixes the problem. But really folks, time to upgrade to libata now!

wiper-2.3 is also included with this release. It now searches the $PATH for programs rather than relying solely upon hardcoded locations such as /usr/bin/id... read more

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-09-01

hdparm-9.26 released

- wiper.sh updated to wiper-2.2
- zero-day bugfix for "hdparm -i" on model names with embedded blanks
- bugfix for --security-erase-enhanced, courtesy of Cyril.Guyot@hitachigst.com
- set _FILE_OFFSET_BITS in geom.c (still need to do this in hdparm.c someday)
- added reporting for "Deterministic read ZEROs after TRIM" feature

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-27

wiper-2.2 released

wiper-2.2 is now available. This version tries harder to resolve phoney "/dev/root" entries when identifying the filesystem device.

It also now includes dire a warning/confirmation step when run on a btrfs filesystem: btrfs is inherently unsafe for this tool, because it has internal duplication of LVM functionality, but hides this from normal tools like those used by wiper.sh. This can result in severe data loss when run on a multi-device or multi-partition btrfs partition.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-18

wiper-2.1 released

Fixes a bug in 2.0 that causes wiper.sh to stall without doing anything. Duh.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-17

hdparm-9.25, wiper-2.0 released

hdparm-9.25 is now available. Fixed --trim-sector-ranges-stdin to respect max transfer limit from /sys/.../max_sectors_kb for the drive.

Also updated wiper to 2.0. This version uses the --trim-sector-ranges-stdin mode now, and issues fewer TRIM commands than before for the same amount of free space. It should also be more compatible with distros that use UUID/LABEL mounts.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-16

hdparm-9.24, wiper-1.9 released

hdparm-9.24 is now released, with a critical bug fix for the --trim-sector-ranges flag (all recent versions had this bug).

Along with that, is wiper-1.9, which now sets the LANG variable for better compatibility in non-English locales.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-12

hdparm-9.23, wiper-1.8 released

hdparm-9.23 is now available. Mostly cosmetic changes, plus a new --trim-sector-ranges-stdin flag.

wiper-1.8 is now available, fixing a typo that caused 1.7 to refuse to work on some devices.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-12

hdparm-9.22, wiper-1.15 released

hdparm-9.22 is now available. Mostly cosmetic changes, but there's one important workaround in --fibmap for an ext4 kernel bug dealing with the FIEMAP ioctl.

wiper.sh version 1.15 is also included with hdparm-9.22. This updated version of the SSD tune-up TRIM utility now works with xfs filesystems, and has a few minor bug fixes and many internal improvements.


Posted by Mark Lord 2009-08-02

hdparm-9.21 released: fixes wiper.sh script

No code changes to hdparm itself, but the bundled wiper.sh script had a bug fixed, and now runs much, much more quickly than before.wiper.sh issues SATA DSM/Trim commands for most of the free blocks on a filesystem, which can help SSD firmware better manage internal garbage collection and wear-leveling of the flash media.Periodic (weekly/monthly) runs of wiper.sh can revitalize a fragmented SSD, bringing its performance back up to nearly-new speeds again.This is similar to the "wiper.exe" script that exists for Windows platforms, except it is non-proprietary and works with the standard Data Set Management (DSM) "Trim" subcommand.New SSDs in the comings months are likely to provide support for DSM/Trim, and the Linux community is now ready to take advantage of the feature.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-31

hdparm-9.21 realsed: fixes wiper.sh script

No code changes to hdparm itself, but the bundled wiper.sh script had a bug fixed, and now runs much, much more quickly than before.

wiper.sh issues SATA DSM/Trim commands for most of the free blocks on a filesystem, which can help SSD firmware better manage internal garbage collection and wear-leveling of the flash media.

Periodic (weekly/monthly) runs of wiper.sh can revitalize a fragmented SSD, bringing its performance back up to nearly-new speeds again.... read more

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-31

hdparm: updated wiper-1.1 script available

The wiper.sh v1.0 script from hdparm would sometimes be confused by /dev/root entries in /proc/mounts, causing it to sometimes not warn about attempts to run wiper.sh on a mounted root filesystem.

This bug is fixed in wiper v1.1, now available as a separate download package here. This version of the wiper.sh script is also MICH faster than the one shipped with hdparm-9.20.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-31

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