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hdparm: updated wiper-1.1 script available

The wiper.sh v1.0 script from hdparm would sometimes be confused by /dev/root entries in /proc/mounts, causing it to sometimes not warn about attempts to run wiper.sh on a mounted root filesystem.

This bug is fixed in wiper v1.1, now available as a separate download package here. This version of the wiper.sh script is also MICH faster than the one shipped with hdparm-9.20.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-31

hdparm-9.20 is now available.

hdparm-9.20 is now available.

More work/rework of the TRIM and wiper scripts.
Now they actually work correctly, and should be reasonably safe to use.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-31

hdparm-9.18 Released

- Fixed -E flag for DVD streaming speeds
- Increased max_sectors per TRIM to 8000000 in wiper scripts
- Cosmetic fixes

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-30

hdparm-9.17 Released

hdparm-9.17 is now released.

Some bugfixes, several new flags, and some new, experimental wiper/trim scripts for tuning up SATA SSDs.

Posted by Mark Lord 2009-07-29