Failing to set sleep timeout on WD30EZRX-00DC

  • Gabriele Vivinetto

    I have a Western Digital Green 3Tb hard disk WD30EZRX-00DC0B0.
    I can put to sleep the disk with
    hdparm -Y /dev/sdX
    I can hear the disk spun down, and go to sleep
    I get slep status with
    hdparm -C /dev/sdX
    and it reports
      drive state is:  standby
    I access it to exit from sleep, and I setup 15 minutes timeout with
    hdparm -S180 /dev/sdX
    But the drive does not enter sleep anymore.
    Disk is not accessed in any way, because if I leave it in manual sleep state (-Y) it does not wake up for days.
    Suggestions ?


    • Anne Nonymous

      Anne Nonymous - 2015-11-03

      Have you tried smartctl -t short /dev/sdX first? It made my Hitachi respect sleep timeout.


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