Drives won't spin down

  • dmitryb77

    dmitryb77 - 2007-04-11

    First the tactical stuff:
    Drives: 1xSeagate 160GB SATA barracuda (system drive), 3x500GB Samsung SpinPoint T - HD501LJ in a software RAID array. All drives sit on motherboard's SATA controller.
    Kernel: 2.6.20 in x64 flavor (Fedora Core 6 x64)

    Here's what I'm passing in in rc.local:
    hdparm -S242 /dev/sdb
    hdparm -S242 /dev/sdc
    hdparm -S242 /dev/sdd

    I don't want to spin down sda, since it won't anyway. sdb, sdc and sdd are 500GB Samsungs.

    The problem is that Samsungs won't spin down. Also, I can't enable quiet acoustics on any of the drives - hdparm errors out.

    So I was wondering if this is a known issue or whether I should file a bug.

    • dmitryb77

      dmitryb77 - 2007-04-12

      Actually, I think it does spin down. When I set it to 2 minutes I could even see the drives stopping. But then MD RAID wakes it up for some reason every 5 minutes or so. So if I set it to an hour, it gets touched so often it never has a chance to spin down. #$#% MD RAID.


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