David - 2011-09-24

I unplugged my USB Western Digital My Passport 500GB drive on accident without using safe removal, I plugged it back in. It seems VERY slow. I thought it might have went into PIO mode but, PIO/DMA aren't used the same way with USB drives I guess (I tried to set it to DMA and it failed) so I though I'd try restoring it but when I try to restore the DCO the program tells me I need to provide the -yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing switch. Now, I don't really care if I know what I am doing at this point, this drive is broken in my opinion and unless I can somehow fix it I will just toss it. I understand this is there to prevent liability on the part of the program (?) but why not just give a disclaimer and limitation of liability (or agreement to waver all responsibility when the user runs that command) instead of secrets.

I understand while running a program that allows me to modify the internal workings of it's programming that there is always the risk of screwing something up, which is why I am only doing it to this drive which needs help. I don't need to be baby sat :\

If anyone can please tell me what the secret handshake flag is to use -dco-restore please let me know :) :) thanks!