ibi sum - 2011-02-17

Hi hdparm'ers,

I'm trying to work out if there is a way to detect if a Compact Flash card has the "PowerArmor" feature, which is a WD/SilliconSystems marketing term for the feature whereby, if power goes low (due to brown-out/power-off) in the middle of a pending i/o transaction on the CF card, partly-unwritten buffers are not committed to NAND.

Is anyone in the hdparm project aware of the method of detecting if this feature is available for a specific device, or not?  If so, are there details available somewhere that describe this sort of feature detection?

I'm assuming that this vendor-specific feature setting is going to be available, somewhere, in some of the 'reserved' fields (perhaps elsewhere?) of the Device Identity structure used in hdparm to determine things like serial number/mfr id/geometry parameters, and so on .. if I should be looking somewhere else, can you describe where for me?

I really need to be able to determine the presence of this feature for a few thousand deployed installations, programmatically, so I'll be very happy to hear any details you may have .. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer me on this issue ..