Andy Pieters - 2014-07-20

Hi everybody

I own three Western Digital Caviar Green drives, and as I was going through the hdparm user manual for tweaks, I happened upon the -J option. The user manual explains what it does and how the defaults for Linux, set at 8 seconds, are severely suboptimal. A higher value is suggested.

It also says that the implementation is not complete but seems to work on some drives.

When I try to run it, it aborts with a severe warning and asks me to repeat the command but add a flag saying basically that I agree to my drive being destroyed.

My question therefore is: does this incomplete option really brick drives or cause data loss? Is one dependent on making a USB boot with WDIDLE3.EXE on it to tweak ones WD Caviar Green drives' idle settings?

I have looked through several Google search results, from around the world (thank you Google Translate), and I simply find nobody saying that they have actually used the -J flag.

I wish you all the best and look forward to your replies

Your servant