Please send us your feedback !

  • jyl

    jyl - 2006-10-18

    Your feedback is required to improve HDGraph !
    There were near 350 downloads of this tool during the first week... and not any english feedback for the moment ! Is this software so badly translated ? ;-)

    • BrianRed

      BrianRed - 2007-01-01

      I love the graphic display of this program.  However, when i see a big directory then I want to easily be able to view it so I can ck it out in more detail.

      Ok well I just realized that Right-clicking does what I wanted ... a view in Explorer.  I looked at the Menus and links on the graph page before finding this ... perhaps also put this option somewhere else?

      Well just kicking in a few more comments:
      -- I often make one change (delete a big directory) and would ideally want to refrsh the graph just to reflect that change rather than rebuild the whole thing.  This might be harder, but I'd love to refresh on a subdir (another right-click context menu?) and then update the whole thing based on that.

      -- guess I'd like to be able to right-click and delete a folder

      -- LOVE the right-click from within Explorer!

      LOVE it overall ... thanks,


    • jyl

      jyl - 2007-01-01

      Thanks for your feedback ! It's great.

      Your 2 sugestions will be added to the next version of HDGraph (subdir refresh AND delete folder option).
      I hope I'll have some time to do it for the middle of the month.


    • Alex

      Alex - 2008-11-08

      Really good software! I like it lots.

      A feature that could be nice is to have a full depth analysis to not get "Unknown files" but only draw the desired level of the graph.

    • jyl

      jyl - 2008-11-16

      Thanks for your message.

      However, I don't really understand what you mean.
      The "unknown files" part is only shown when you select the root directory of a drive. Because in that case, HDGraph is able to compare the size it calculated himself with the occupied space indicated by the disk (which is the difference between the total disk space and the free space remaining on disk).

      The "unknown files" part is not just a pack of files that HDGraph decided to hide. It's a pack of files that HDGraph was not ABLE to scan.


    • Dan benDan

      Dan benDan - 2008-11-19

      Usefull tool. I just now downloaded it and started playing to give feedback ... but I keep getting sidetracked as I notice files/folders that need to be cleaned up.

      the only suggestion I have so far is to allow curser hover over to show the file name next to the cursor and not just the bottom and side of the screen.
      Oh, and allow drag and drop to move files!
      ... between instances of HDGraph!
      ... From network shared files (tough one)!
      ... allow color coding by file type/attribute (MFT, Immovable, frequency of use, compressed etc)

      more to come.

    • jyl

      jyl - 2008-11-23

      Thanks for your feedback, Dan !

      I'll try to add your idea of a "tooltip" in the next version of HDGraph.
      ... and will think about "color Coding" and "drag and drop".


  • Cerberus™

    Cerberus™ - 2010-03-16

    Absolutely great tool! I have been using it for a long time, but didn't know there was a forum about it. I have tried some competitors, but I uninstalled them when I found HD Graph. I made a user account at ScourgeForge just to post here.

  • jyl

    jyl - 2010-03-16

    Thank you, cerberus-tm for your feedback and taking time to post ! It's greatly appreciated. :)


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