Feedback on 3d Draw + Interface in 1.4

  • banzaimonkey

    banzaimonkey - 2010-03-13

    I'm pleased to see that HDGraph is still in development.  I ran low in HD space last night and the first thing that came to mind was running HDGraph to figure out which of my unused files and applications I should uninstall first, and I thought to check for a new version.

    I just upgraded from 1.2 and 1.4 looks great!  The 3d draw layer was a neat surprise; the graph area is much more responsive now thanks to the 3d acceleration.  I noticed a few things in the 3d layer that I thought could be improved:

    Color Style
    I used to be able to change the Color style; it defaulted to "linear" and I wasn't able to change it.  (Everything is yellow and orange for me.)  I believe this represents a loss in functionality from previous versions.

    Hover Tooltip Behavior
    When hovering over folders for information, hovering over the folder's name tag will display information.  This sometimes obscures nearby folders and results in unexpected highlighting behavior.  Suggestion:  Limit the hover detection to the shape of the folder instead of the folder + name tag.  (I realize the View Options can be tweaked to change the size of the text, but it's not very convenient.)

    Zoom / Mouse wheel
    I think with the prevalence of mouse-wheel zoom (and the nature of the graph), it would be more intuitive to have zoom, rather than scroll, bound to the mouse wheel.  Additionally, it would be great to have the zoom centered around the mouse cursor's location, rather than the top left of the graph viewport.

    Middle Mouse Panning
    As above, it'd be nice to be able to use middle click+drag to pan the viewport.  Then I wouldn't need to use the scroll bars when I zoom in.  :)  Alternatively, middle-click could re-center the viewport on the cursor's location.

    As-is, HDGraph is a huge time-saver.  Thanks for the great software!

  • jyl

    jyl - 2010-03-14


    Thank you very much for your message. It has been days since the 1.4 is released, and you're the first making a feedback. I was thinking that nobody was interested in HDGraph :(

    About Color style : the 1.4 is only a Beta version, the final release will of course contain a "skin" feature, like the version 1.3. :) But I don't know yet how I will implement it.

    About "Hover Tooltip Behavior" : you're right, I will correct it.

    About "Zoom / Mouse wheel" and "Middle Mouse Panning" : very good idea. I will try to implement them as you suggested.

    Thank you very much for your feedback.

    Jean-Yves L.

  • banzaimonkey

    banzaimonkey - 2010-03-23

    Thank you very much for your message. It has been days since the 1.4 is released, and you're the first making a feedback. I was thinking that nobody was interested in HDGraph :(

    I showed HDGraph to a coworker of mine, and he made the observation that it's not something you use on an every day basis, but it's a great tool for those few times a year you have to free up some disk space.  I'm spreading it around the office now, so hopefully we'll get some more people using it.  ;)

    I've also had a chance to spend a bit more time with the beta while cleaning out some computers at work, and it's working great!  I really like the "center graph on this directory" feature in the WPF draw engine.

    Previously, I've set high max depth (9 or so) to get everything in in one scan, but now that the scan is faster I'm moving between various levels pretty comfortably (and the eye candy in WPF is nice).  I just wanted to say thanks again for making a great tool.

  • jyl

    jyl - 2010-03-26

    Thank you very much for your message. I will keep up work on HDGraph… :)

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-07

    Hi jyl2002,

    Great update! Its really slick and really fast and comes with a neat quick start guide.

    Just want to add on to the zoom/mouse wheel thingy. Leave scrolling as it is, i.e. tied to the scroll button, but tie the zoom to the CTRL + Mouse wheel, i.e. like in Explorer in Vista, when you hold down the control key when you want to zoom, and then release when you want to scroll.

    I notice that the view options consist of four sliders, is it possible to put it as a tool bar? so that i can have one under the address bar and looks like this. Often I'd zoom and scroll and then have to hide the options, only to display it again just to adjust the text size.
    Rotation ---------|--------- Zoom ---------|--------- Text Size ---------|--------- Text Density ---------|---------

    As for the middle button panning, i kinda like the hand icon in Adobe reader. i.e. grab and pull.

    And finally, your rotation feature is really good. Intuitive. Kinda makes me want to spin it like a roulette wheel. haha!

  • Thomas Brixel

    Thomas Brixel - 2010-05-13

    Hi jyl2002,

    I just installed HDGraph 1.4.0 Beta and really like it.

    There is one thing that did not work for me. HDGraph seems to be not able to handle folder names containing special characters like comma.

    I agree to the previous comments that zooming with mouse wheel (with or w/o Ctrl) would be great.

    Best Regards,
    Thomas B.

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-07

    Firstly thanks jyl2002 for HDGraph.  The redraw time is excellent in 1.4 with graphics acceleration and IMO drag rotation is ingenious.  Grey shadows indicating further subfolders is a nice touch.  View options AND Advanced is nice to choose between.

    +1 scroll wheel zoom. +1 middle click pan.  Colours similar to DiskSpaceFan would be nice as an option.  Just nothing as crazy as WinDirStat.

    Bug? - On scan you only see so many (let's say 4) levels deep into folder structure but if you open subfolders then HDGraph remembers that info for when you go back to root (that's really good btw).  As such you'll have more than the original 4 levels of folder information.  However the scroll bars don't recognise the new extents and will only offer pan on the original 4 levels.

    * Text density could be automagically scaled so that inner circles and outer circles don't use the same angular value.  After some quick testing I find Text Density = Text size x 1.5 to be the minimum usable for first subfolders, Text size x 1.2 for second level subfolders and Text Size x 1.0 for third subfolders.  An internal calculation adjustment with user choosing only first level angle might be cool.

    * When browsing for folder to scan it would make sense to have a more standard folder explorer with text entry available similar to what you get when using File - Open.  It would make network paths much easier to navigate.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work, Tim.

  • jyl

    jyl - 2011-01-09

    Hi Tim !
    Thanks for taking time to post here ! I really appreciate your feedback.
    I will use it for the next version of HDGraph. Specially your 2 suggestions, which are great ! The last one "File - Open" will be very useful I think.
    Unfortunately I can't give a release date for the next version, as I'm also working in other free projects in my free time…

  • jyl

    jyl - 2011-01-09

    For previous posts (of Thomas B. and previous one : post 6 and 5) :
    Thanks for your message, sorry about my really late answer. The "comma" bug is fixed in the new version I just released (1.4.1).
    I will work on other bugs and suggestions, but later only. The "comma" bug was serious enough to be corrected asap…


  • Anonymous - 2011-02-12

    So great that you are still working on HD Graph! After several years, it is still my main disk analyser.

    - I agree on a previous poster's suggestion that a directory tree inside the program would be helpful.

    - Am I the only one having trouble with text density? That is, it remains the same, whatever position the density slider is at, in the Basic draw engine. The new draw engine is really nice, but so far I still prefer the basic one, because the colours help me, they make the structure clearer at a glance.

    Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and if you ever find a solution for junctions/hardlinks, I'd be ecstatic!

  • giovanni

    giovanni - 2011-12-03

    only one word: WOW!!!!!


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