Update on 07/14/2016

  • Fixed sequencing of patterns when using detached window

Updates on 07/09/16

  • Fixed scaling of iso12233 pattern
  • Added another alignment pattern
  • Added option for 6 user patterns/defaults to 5 casino royale images
  • Fixed occasional gdi pattern appearing when not requested
  • Switched HDR calibration white point to level 126
  • Fixed scaling of 1956 pattern
  • Fixed selected color not showing after Y w/gamma measurement

Original release date 07/04/16

  • Fix reference white for colorchecker/HDR
  • Fix dE and dLuminance for HDR color grids
  • Fix satshift plot P3/2020
  • Update geometry pattern and external patterns and menu with pixel8tor's input
  • Fixed reset to defaults
  • Fix display of CIE triangle targets when using SMPTE2084
  • Updated other language menus with new HDR related switches
  • Fixed crash on "no chromecasts found"
  • Fixed occasional crash when loading new external color checker sequences
  • Made low/high clipping patterns animated (GDI only)
  • Fixed chromecast getting wrong image versions (needs full range)
  • added alt+p hotkey for preferences
  • Set some CChecker patterns, internal saturation sweeps, and primaries/secondaries to 98.7835 cd/m^2 white/2084


Update on 06-19-16

  • Fixed selected color not refreshing after preferences
  • Fixed additional patterns window duplication
  • Removed unused luminance (lux) view option
  • Rounded pantone skin colorchecker set to integer video levels

Update on 06-15-16

  • Updated RGB bars and plots to include luminance error in grayscale
  • Changed luminance target plotting for black compensated gamma
  • Fixed high dpi scaling active when it shouldn't be
  • Fixed animated white pattern border
  • Fixed option to rescale all when editing 100% white values

fixes uploaded 06-14-16

  • Added switch to disable High DPI scaling
  • Correct RGBdE levels for near-black
  • Correct RGBdE and target following for automatic sequences
  • Adjusted settling pattern
  • Fixed animated patterns not displaying when using detached window
  • Removed pop-up when using animated black/white patterns
  • Fixed formatting of references dialog
  • Fixed selection of 235/255 levels not sticking
  • Fixed selection of 235 level during contrast measurement
  • Fixed some manual DVD prompts
  • Fixed plasma OPT secondary calc
  • Added offset for black compensation simulation
  • Add necpa242 to displaytypes
  • Updated ABL inhibit
  • Added switch to enable, set to every 40 patterns after 50

original upload 04-23-16

  • Updated ABL inhibit - Added switch to enable and set repeat rate to every 40 patterns after 50
  • bug fix and update of settling patterns
  • bug fixes in sequencing when floating window is used
  • Add realtime display option (default on) - turn off to speed up simulated population of arrays
  • Fixed floating window triplets during automatic sequences
  • Fixed reference plots in near-black/near-white sequences
  • Add BBC hybrid-log gamma EOTF
  • Fixed reset of defaults to update in current document
  • Minor updates to preference box layouts
  • Changed default GDI to floating window
  • Allow 0 latency setting to speed up synthetic measure generation
  • Fixed setting of plot colors for luminance graphs



  • Fixed divide by zero condition under some circumstances for color checker targets


  • Added handling of pre-3.3.0 color checker measures. User choice of saving in new format
  • Fixed swapping of dC/dH in title bar average breakout
  • Fixed labeling of primary points in UHDTV spaces on CIE diagram
  • Changed video frame background option to use more typical APL
  • Added option to scale all to new white Y when editing
  • Added P3 primaries within BT2020 color space option
  • Fixed spectral wavelength scale display
  • Fixed target box not appearing in some configurations
  • Fixed rounding error in average gamma calculation
  • Fixed various ST2084 related calculations
  • Clip luminance to peak white for ST2084
  • Disabled periodic black frame insertion
  • Updated simulated sensor to use configured EOTF
  • Fixed relative path issue with videolut disable switch
  • Fix single shot update refresh for colors
  • Fix Manual/DVD selection update
  • Fix messaging in Manual/DVD one-shot mode
  • Added option to use test pattern window to GDI set-up
  • Fixed video level output of test pattern window
  • Reduced wait times on webupdate messages
  • Added notice when sensor is not supported for software adaptive integration
  • Improved readability for high dpi screens
  • Adjust OPT red primary


Update release 1/25/16

  • Added automatically generated sync patterns for Chromecast and GDI refresh mode calibration.

Update release 1/23/16

  • Enabled real-time updates in all grids.
  • Fixed function keys for accelerated access to standard sweeps.

Original release 1/21/16

  • Move updates to APPDATA.
  • Moved update check to help menu.
  • Fixed non-english check for updates.
  • Added option to install update on the fly.
  • Reduce saved file size.
  • Fixed display of saturation page after primaries saturation sweep.
  • Fix user black override not updating.


  • Updated Argyll instrument library to 1.8.3
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed some webupdate issues.


  • Added check for new version and automatic download.


Updated 8/12/2015

  • Fixed crash when generating matrix corrections and user has no RGBW measurements.
  • Fixed crash when updating grid with current and reference docs that have different number of gs measurements.

Original release 7/22/2015

  • Fixed preferences reset greyed out on some pages.
  • Switch Chromecast special patterns to direct mode instead of webserver.
  • Colorimetry preferences now saved with data file. (optional on restore)
  • Tweaked autoscaling parameters.
  • Removed DTP-20 (this is a non-emissive device)
  • Added work-around for botched third-party calibration of JETI Specbos.


Updated 7/12/2015

  • Normalize RGB luminance plots to target instead of measured 100% values.
  • Add preferences reset to default (under Advanced menu).
  • Fix save/restore of main window size/position.
  • Added DTP-20.
  • Add luminance values to grayscale, near black/white graph tooltips.
  • Fix initial auto-scale for near black/white graphs.

Original release 7/4/2015

  • Update Chromecast code for ANSI contrast sequence.
  • Increased ANSI blocks to 5x5 with centered black/white.
  • Update Chromecast code for special patterns.
  • Fix nearblack sequence bug when using black override.
  • Store/recall black measurement when using black override.
  • Added highlight for black override [column background shaded for 0% stimulus]
  • Added Y Target and dE/Ref for nearblack/white grid display.
  • Static pattern detection avoidance.


Updated 6/30/2015

  • Switch to load linear gamma ramp tables to video card.

Updated 6/27/2015

  • User can override black Y measurement.
  • Fixed sometimes wrong color display in tooltip.

Original release 6/26/2015

  • Added alt+up/down arrow to zoom CIE diagram. [once zoomed use arrow keys to re-center]
  • Added CIEab diagram.
  • Updated graph font styling, CIE borders and wavelength labeling.
  • Increased resolution of CIE digram.
  • Added L* EOTF target.
  • Added UHDTV Rec.2020 Color Space.
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of dC, dH in dE breakout.
  • Fixed rounding mismatch in average gamma calculations.
  • Fixed couldn't edit grid entries when CIE diagram was displayed.


Updated 6/19/2015

  • User can set PDF scales.
  • Added dE component breakout to titlebar averages and CIE pop-up info.
  • Added "measure everything" button.

Original release 6/17/2015

  • Added worst 10% dE filter to CIE diagram.
  • Made user choice of number of gray, near black, near white, and saturation steps sticky.
  • Made user adjusted plot scales sticky.
  • Added Belle Nuit test image.
  • Smoother updates during real-time measurements.
  • Added automatic switching to active grid during real-time measurements.


Updated 6/15/2015

  • Fix custom white point

Updated 6/14/2015

  • Fix crash when exporting to PDF

Updated 6/13/2015

  • Fix crash when CIE colors exceed max index

Updated 6/12/2015

  • Updated Tooltip info with Lab* coordinates for measure and reference.
  • Updated Tooltip background with split-patch color comparator on CIE diagram measures.

Original release 6/11/2015

  • Removed pattern borders from GDI and madTPG generators.
  • Add check on YWhite in GetDeltaE.
  • Better PDF scaling assumptions.
  • Real-time update of measures and graphs.
  • Fixed dE calc for PDF when user is in pseudo color space.
  • Add labels to graph data points for both PDF and in-application graphs.
  • Do not update primaries white measurement in continuous mode.
  • Fix ccss filename save.


Updated 6/6/2015

  • Multiple color checker data sets are stored in memory and restored from save file.
  • Added SMPTE 2084 (HDR) EOTF.
  • Fixed sRGB EOTF.
  • Force gradient background on pdf plots.
  • Ask for overwrite permission on pdf save.
  • Added spectral data page to xls/csv output.
  • Reoriented color checker xls/csv output so there is no limit on number of colors.
  • Tweaked pdf output formatting.

Original release 6/4/2015

  • Added drop down selections for all of Ted's CalMAN disk sequences.
  • Added DCI-P3 Color space option.
  • Added D93 white point option.
  • Changed program icon.
  • Allow Plasma-OPT pseudo-color space in manual generator.
  • Added color checker data to xls/csv output.
  • Added dE values for primaries/secondaries and color checker to xls/csv output.
  • Added PDF report generator.
  • Added switch to disable triplet display when using GDI generator.


  • Added support for dithered ChromeCast patterns including constant APL backgrounds.
  • Added some additional color gradient patterns.
  • Updated instrument driver inf file with missing probes (Spyder 5).


  • Updated instrument driver code to ArgyllCMS 1.7.0 - includes Spyder5 support.


updates as of 4/23/15

  • maintain aspect ratio for 16x9 pics when resized
  • prevent test image background prior to special pattern display
  • moved plasma settling sequence after test image background

updates as of 4/21/15

  • added AVSHD sharpness/overscan pattern as well as two RGBYCMW clipping patterns
  • Fixed manual enter of 0 values (forced to very small number)
  • added capability of displaying an image as measurement pattern background

updates as of 4/17/15

  • Fixed crash when user does nothing other than run free measures on startup
  • Fixed manual enter of 0 values (forced to very small number)
  • Added some additional patterns including the evaluation sequence using Casino Royale

Original updates

  • Update relevant graphs after a grayscale freemeasure
  • Prevent deletion of onoffblack when running primaries without black
  • Fix discontinuities in graphs
  • Fix restore of onoffblack with older save files (missing Y targets)
  • Fix ordering of pattern names for AXIS color checker selection
  • Fixed window size for animated white/black patterns
  • Fixed levels change pickup for pattern display menu
  • Added video level SMPTE bars
  • Added other specialized patterns - Neutral Gradient, Luma RGBYCMW ramps, Saturation RCBYCM ramps, Granger Rainbow, Test Image


  • Grayscale added to detect user measures routine for auto-population of new measures
  • Write log only when requested
  • Changed log name to ColorHCFR.log
  • Changed user colors filename from colors.csv to usercolors.csv
  • Added support for custom DVD scans
  • Ted's disk sequences are included in
  • User colors in video levels with pattern name in 4th column, sequence title as 5th element of line 1
  • Fixed display of white pattern for 75% and OPT color spaces
  • Replaced AXIS sequence with 10 point luminance scan to match CalMan/Ted's disk
  • YTarget populates with just black/white measurement or manual edit
  • Default grayscale page size changed to unhide Ytarget row
  • Changed name of OPT color space to OPT-Plasma


  • Fixed display of advanced generator patterns.
  • Fixed CIE diagram display of saturation levels.
  • Added an RGB luminance axis scan.
  • Fixed auto lock on primaries patterns in DVD mode.


  • Fix delta luminance calc for saturation sweeps.
  • Added WRGBW settling pattern option for internal patterns.
  • Reorganized white reference selection logic.
  • Allow running saturation sweeps/color checker from special color spaces.
  • Allow running <100% intensity(stimulus) saturation sweeps.
  • Finalized controls points for OPT color space option.
  • Updated meter code to ArgyllCMS 1.7beta_Jan10 (includes Klein K10a support)


  • Fix red primary display bug and add display of saturation patterns.
  • Added target mode for saturations.
  • Fixed special color space white when running grayscale+primaries.
  • Fix init of dE bar.


  • Added additional color checker options for CalMAN Classic, CalMAN SG skin tones, and ChromaPure skin tones. Pattern sets enabled with the internal generator, madVR, and manual DVD. Use Ted's disk for these patterns.
  • Added special color space - "OPT", optimized for generic plasma calibration.
  • Changed selected color display precision to 4 decimals for ftL field.
  • Fixed some discrepancies between delta luminance and HSV bar indicator in special color spaces.
  • Fixed dE bar indicator obscuration of dE value when dE > 4.
  • Updated madVRTPG related code to current API which allows window area, APL value, and OSD state to be set from within HCFR. madVR version 0.87.13 must be installed. madVR will start automatically if not already running.
  • Added warnings if program is configured incorrectly prior to doing a saturation run. Normal color space 100% luminance level primaries/secondaries is required.


  • Added selection of % input [BT.1886] offset to use in transfer function target, the remainder is output offset
  • Changed selected color display precision to 3 decimals for cd/m^2 field
  • Temporary fix to allow running a matrix corrected probe sheet alongside a ccss corrected probe (i1Display pro (D3) only)
  • Fixed rollover of APL values at high end of scale
  • Fixed change meter selection not working
  • Changed Relative BT.1886 label to Effective


  • Added USER colors to color checker menu. Define by adding up to 1000 PC level (0-255) R,G,B values to
    the comma separated file colors.csv in the main program directory.
  • Added display of max patch name and worst 10% average to dE statistics.
  • Added adaptive average button to sensor field, will average a number of samples based on light level.
  • Removed non-printable characters from CCSG patch names.
  • Added triplet value display to internal pattern generator and madTPG
  • minor precision improvements in internal pattern generator


  • Fixed issue with dE wrt ref line in near black/ near white grid
  • Added user defined primaries
  • Disabled some help and update menu items that need fixing and/or redirection


  • Fixed creation of matrix correction using manual reference entry
  • Fixed display of near black/near white selected colors
  • Updated dE of near black to use gray world weighted white reference
  • Updated special colorspace targets to BT.1886 gamma if selected
  • Added dE bar to real-time levels indicator
  • Added option for HSV coordinates to real-time levels indicator
  • Changed RGB level indicators for CMS adjustments to use full coordinate offsets
  • Removed LCH coordinates for real-time levels indicator
  • Fixed luminance and satshift graphs when using BT.1886
  • Fixed delta luminance for saturation sweeps when using BT.1886


  • Updated APL patterns from fixed background video level to average per channel video level.
  • Added single decimal precision to RGB/LCH bar text.
  • Disabled RGB/LCH Bars and target graphs when not in grayscale, colorspace, or freemeasures pages.
  • Added BT.1886 relative option [see ArgyllCMS collink -Ib:x.x option].
  • All dE and graph targets now use actual BT.1886 gamma values instead of user measured average.
  • Pure power law targets updated from fixed 2.22 to user specified via the Reference value.
  • Fixed bug when number of saved color checker measures conflicted with CCSG selection.


  • Added CalMAN ColorChecker SG patterns, compatible with Ted Aspiotis CMS Calibration Disk
  • Added max dE to title bar text
  • Changed behavior of "Selected Color" display and got rid of the luminance level bar.
    • If "Detect primary colors during user measures" is checked->Bars change to LCH target levels.
    • If "Detect primary colors during user measures" is unchecked->Bars revert to previous HCFR(2.x) behavior.
    • Gray scale or white measures will always show RGB Level targets.

  • Fixed sensor detection when multiple meters are connected
  • Changed table display to 4 decimals
  • Fixed % luminance display in near-black view
  • Added DDE function SensorName, CalibrateSensor, ClearMeasurements
  • Set DDERequest precision format to 6 decimal
  • Added build spectral sample selection to German and French language menus
  • Thanks to leDahu for the fixes/suggestions

  • Updated meter code to Argyll version 1.6.3

late fixes, added 2/05/2014

  • Fixed near-black, near-white manual pattern change messages

added 2/11/2014

  • Fixed wavelength scale for i1pro 3.3 nm sampling and JETI
  • Fixed issue with i1pro usb communications

  • Added BT.1886 reference luminance plots for gray scale, near black and near white sequences
  • Added perceptual L* option for luminance plots

late addition, added 1/13/2014

  • Auto-detect diffuser and set to ambient mode: display pro/munki
  • Allow user to skip white tile and substitute dark only cal with i1pro, i1pro/2

added 1/15/2014

  • Fix saturation graphs when using refdoc
  • Require white tile cal when in high res mode

  • Update madVR API and add video LUT disable switch
  • Added white reference weighting to dE formulas
  • Fix default behavior for dE gray handling and weighting
  • Suppress integration time messages when not in debug mode
  • Update oeminst and fix display of dE for refdoc

  • Update to Argyll 1.6.2 meter code
  • minor wording and highlight changes
  • Removed the silly "awesome" messages
  • Fixed display of XYZ values

  • Fixed crash when user selects create matrix correction from existing measures but has no existing measures
  • Changed default view images generator behavior to non-blanking
  • Fixed error in dE94 formula (was causing a 0.15 dE offset)

  • added hints to meter creation dialogs for beginners
  • cleaned up osbserver set-up and changed stockman from 2 deg to 10 deg
  • changed handling of iscalibration supported to allow dtp94 dark cal
  • Added observer type conversion for spectrometers
  • Added Stockman Sharpe 2006
  • Fixed issue to prevent setting observer on non-supported device
  • Added remaining available observer types from Argyll code
  • Fixed some issues with maintaining refresh status when changing
    observer type or ccss display

  • Added color difference formula recommended option
  • Added Pantone skin color saturation sweep
  • Fixed ccss loading
  • Added integration time settings for DisplayPro/colormunki
  • Added ArgyllCMS available observer types [beta for]

  • Softened highlight color and added switch to turn it off
  • Fixed manual editing of matrix
  • Added custom white point
  • Added lux units display when in ambient mode
  • Stabilized 20% red reading for D3/munki
  • Added ambient mode
  • Fixed issue with projector mode
  • Color difference formulas, CIE76, CIE2000, and CMC. Select on the advanced properties page.
  • Color difference handling of gray scale improved with added options.
  • Color coding of dE values in the measurement boxes and for the window border based on average.
  • Display of color checker and dE formula selection in the measurements window title
  • Switch for turning off the madVR 3dlut when sending test patterns through madVR
  • Updated meter code to ArgyllCMS 1.6.1

  • Added display free measures option back to CIE plot
  • Fixed 75%/75% primaries/saturations dE and dxy use of measured gamma
  • Fixed 75%/75% blue pattern for internal generator
  • Added targeting mode for internal pattern generator
  • Added continuous measures capability to pattern display for grayscale andprimaries/secondaries
  • Fixed use of primaries/secondaries 100% white when running grayscale+primaries/secondaries in 1 shot
  • corrected small error in color generator for 1 checker pattern, fixed simulated probe use of gamma

  • Added option to turn-off color checker measures and references in CIE chart right click
  • Added option to saturation measure menu "Primaries + Secondaries"
  • MCD deltaE and delta luma uses grayscale white if available, then primaries white
  • Removed references to IRE and luma
  • Fixed some menu and toolbar icon bitmaps
  • Fixed bug when switching from madVR to manual DVD generator

  • Added support for MCD disk in CC6 color space option
  • Added "Use measured gamma" option to references property page. This adjusts all saturations target locations based on the measured average gamma instead of assuming 2.22. If left unchecked the program will use the value entered into the average gamma text box.
  • Fixed some dE and delta luma calculations display for the color check patterns
  • Added AXIS option to color checker, this will sweep through 6 luminance levels for each primary
    color. Only active for internally generated patterns (view images).

  • fix reading of old files and DVD pattern change message bug.
  • Added support for Mascior's color checker sweep, select MCD instead of GCD on the reference properties page dropdown box.
  • Updated xrite .ccss standard correction spectral samples for i1display pro
  • Added ColorChecker Sweep pattern. Added color checker patterns to match GCD disk sweep to the saturations section. Rec709 gamma=2.2 is assumed target space
  • Added L option to grey scale deltaE (takes the place of old "use gamma in gray scale check box"). Include option to consider lightness in addition to chromaticity in LUV deltaE calculation. This will avoid over emphasized deltaE readings at low luminance in the gray scale.
  • Added transparent background option to view images. Pattern generator can display patch on top of display background
  • Fixed generator display of purplish blue.
  • misc. spelling fixes.

  • added support for madVR rendering of display patterns - see view images property page to activate (must have madVR installed)
  • added background level to internal patterns

  • added option to toggle off show saturation targets
  • added delta luma row to saturation charts
  • fixed manual dvd message bug when black patch added
  • fixed error in calculation of magenta/cyan saturation targets
  • Added saturation sweep target points to CIE chart.
  • Added external pattern dll file to installation package. This is required to run some of the pattern choices from the display patterns option.
  • fixed another target mode/freemeasures bug
  • removed the unused option "Use measured colors" for saturation reference and replaced with toggle for calculating actual stimulus percent based on a round down (AVSHD,DVE) or round normal (GCD, internal pattern) assumption. The previous behavior was to use whole number percents which generates (very small) errors.

  • added setup.exe install package with .ccss and .thc installs
  • fixed display of secondaries and reference document CIE points for win7/8
  • fixed creation of ccss files to include manual DVD generated primaries
  • updated d3 code with backport of ArgyllCMS v1.5beta version provided by Graeme Gill
  • tuned d3 integration times for best speed vs. precision values on refresh display
  • added 6 color checker pattern targets in color reference space CC6
  • fixed pattern generator for Rec709(75%) and CC6 targets
  • misc. labeling fixes for new color space targets

zoyd's fork of

  • i1pro working together with other probes in simultaneous mode
  • stabilized D3 readings at low stimulus levels on plasmas
  • added CIE94 deltaE calculation option
  • added BT.1886 target gamma option
  • reconfigured ".thc" probe calibration code to provide functionality similar to the previous versions ".mhc" matrix correction code
  • added 75% saturation Rec.709 target color space for plasma calibration

  • Update argyll code to latest version with fixes for i1d3
  • Add support for ccss files with i1d3
  • Various minor memory fixes
  • Add spotread.exe to package

  • Add further improved crash logging and error handling
  • Latest argyll code with improvements for i1d3 and i1d2

  • Add crash logging
  • Some timing changes

  • Update Argyll code with fixes for i1d3 and i1d2 and support for Spyder 4
  • Add support for getting spectrum with Argyll meter
  • Add extra Argyll tools to install package
  • Add support for new display type function within Argyll
  • Improve handling of multiple meters
  • Fix issues with loading file with disabled meters
  • Add missing driver files to installer

  • Use Argyll meter library
  • Disable code that uses meter dlls outside GPL
  • Remove broken update menu items
  • Use libHCFR for colour functions
  • Fixes to get to compile under VS 2008
  • Add source for all libraries used


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