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Hc Chatbot reloaded

I decided to restart my project with fully new code.

It will take some time until I'll publish. Here are some of the new features:

  • Wikipedia search and anwser
  • Google search
  • Language Files
  • Intelligence :)
  • Administration
  • Central Update Server
  • Central language Files

I recommend not to install the old version before I published this because there won't be any possibilyti to upgrade.

The new Version will start with 2.0 Alpha

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-06-17 Labels: new version intelligence 2.0 alpha restart

Project was frozen

We decided to froze this project until we have a solution for intelligence. After I read the latest logs. I lost my interest to publish my chatbot for the world.

I do not have to do that!

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-03-02


We saw in the logs of our demo page. There are some very bad things in it:


Translatet from German

You: You ass.
Jeffrey: I didn't understand.

Please remember. I am the only person who develop this chatbot. So, in the beta, there will not be an admin panel. We will try to develop intelligence. If that fails, we will close this project.

We don't want to see something like this in our logs.... read more

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-03-02


We released an English version. It isn't very big and a lot of words are missing. If somebody would help us with the project, we would be able to make it better. In a few minutes we want to make it available on our demo page

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-03-02

Hc Chatbot Alpha 2

We published Hc Chatbot 1 Alpha 2. It includes some bug fixes. The next Version will be a beta version with a grafical admin panel. So please wait a little time because that isn't very easy.

Here you see our Relase plans:

Alpha1 => Alpha2 => Beta1 => Beta2 => Release Candidate1 => (Release Candidate2) => Stable

You see our status in bold letters.

The following changes were done in our new version... read more

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-03-01

Demo Page

We are happy to anounce that we have published our demo page. So, if you are interested, please follow this link: http://hc-tools.lima-city.de/chatbot/

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-03-01

Version 1.0 Alpha

Yesterday we published the new Version 1.0 Alpha. This Version has a very new code. The first version have an other code.

We also published our first Readme file. So now it is easy for you to install.

Today we published a server2go edition. It is a preconfigured server2go with Hc Chatbot.

On the weekend we want to publish our first Version of "Translators Guide". We hope that it helps to translate.... read more

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-02-29

New Version

We are looking forward to upload the new Version wich is a full new code. Just a little bit is like the old. We are looking for some Co Developers for translations. So, if you're interested, please Post in the Forum "I'am Interested".

IMPORTANT: This is a German Project. But the communication between the developers will be in ENGLISH.

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-02-19

Hello all

The Hc Chatbot System allow you to include a very easy to use chatbot in your webpage. It is written in PHP ans so you are able to run it on the most webservers. I have testen it with XAMPP 1.7.1 under Ubuntu 10.04. Ist runs very Fine ans you can define your own words.

The word Library is avaible in German. I hope that somebody helps to translate. If you find a mistake in my Chatbot you should post it in the Forum.... read more

Posted by Hc Devolopment 2012-02-12 Labels: Welcome

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