#28 polymorph self


Because of how polymorph self works, your stats in any
form that you choose to polymorph to are going to really
really suck in all likelihood.

It would be nice if you could carry over your stats to
the next form, at least the mental ones, and maybe
base the physical ones off of your level, rather than the
level of the mob you are becoming. The only mob who
gets even halfway decent stats is the beholder form,
the rest can't do any better a 14.

Transferring the stats seems like a step that would be
easiest to take, while not the truest to form. True to
form means wisdom and intelligence is carried over,
strength, constitution and dexterity are strictly physical
based and generated by the mud using the new form
attributes and modified somehow. Then charsima, which
would probably be another amalgan of the two different


  • Gavin Hurlbut

    Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-06-30
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  • Gavin Hurlbut

    Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-06-30

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    This is not a bug.

    The code is working as designed, this is either a feature
    request or code cleanup.

  • Anthony Cagle

    Anthony Cagle - 2004-07-01

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    i agree this spell needs work
    if you want, rewrite the spell completely from scratch,
    havin every choice give some benifit, making sure that your
    stats are reflective of the race more reasonably,
    (mindflayer or whatnot should get a -str, +int) etc. And
    give them some damn hitpoints.


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